BREXIT LIVE: May’s frantic call to MPs to get Brexit deal over line as rebels plot MUTINY

After a weekend of vicious attacks from her own ranks, the prime minister gathered her troops in a one and a half hour conference call on Sunday night.

It is believed that Esther McVey, the Secretary of Labor and Pensions, told Ms. May that she was "devastated" by her plans to extend the Brexit transition period in an attempt to reach an agreement with the EU.

While Interior Secretary Sajid Javid directly asked the prime minister if she had "explicitly threatened the EU without agreement".

More than a dozen ministers participated in last night's call last night, some of which received less than 15 minutes in advance, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Protocols have been developed on how the Brexit will impact Gibraltar and the United Kingdom military base in Cyprus.

She will say: "And all this only in the last three weeks, adds to the agreements we had already reached."

Ms. May will tell the House of Commons that "taking all of this together, 95 percent of the retirement agreement and its protocols are already resolved."

But she will add: "As I pointed out last week, the original proposal for EU support was one that we could not accept, as it would mean creating a customs border in the Irish Sea and breaking the integrity of the United Kingdom.

"I do not think any prime minister in the UK can accept this, and I certainly will not."

Furious backbenchers warned the prime minister that she is "drinking in the last-chance lounge" after tensions erupted over her negotiating strategy after the Brussels summit.

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Update at 9 am: the secretary of Brexit, Dominic Raab, has sent a fierce warning to the EU

He warned the Brussels bloc that he can not be "elected" from the Ladies' agreement of Prime Minister Theresa May.

Mr. Raab insisted that the United Kingdom should be very careful not to compromise us in the final stages of negotiations with the EU.

Speaking on the Andrew Marr program of the BBC, Mr. Raab warned the European Union that they would not be able to "choose" the controversial draft of the Ladies of the Prime Minister.

Update at 8:54 am: Jacob Rees-Mogg warns May & change the Brexit strategy NOW or take the risk on WEDNESDAY BLACK & # 39;

The Brexiteer warned Theresa May to prepare a financial strategy for a non-negotiable Brexit or to risk repeating Black Wednesday in 1992, which led to the defeat of the Conservative Party after the UK economy ended in ruins.

Rees-Mogg insisted that Ms May should prepare Britain for a possible financial crisis if the UK leaves the EU without agreement or runs the risk of losing public confidence in its government.

Update of 8.46 a.m. The Brexit TRAP England project in the EU single market: impact report

A condemnatory report accused politicians of being under an "illusion" that being in the EU Single Market is so vital to the United Kingdom that its principles must be preserved after Brexit.

A vision that Theresa May could agree with the ministers at her Damas residence in July would see the United Kingdom and the EU observe a "common rules book" for the goods trade.

That effectively amounts to staying in the single market, leaving Britain bound to obey the rules over which it has no voice and at the same time hampering our ability to make new trade agreements around the world, warned a report of the group of experts pro-Brexit Global Britain.

8.40am update: The UK may be forced to end the practice of summer time after Brexit

The EU plans to eliminate the annual time change in April 2019, one month after Brexit, according to a committee of the House of Lords.

Update at 8.33 am: Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab said the exit agreement should be finalized by the end of next month

Raab said he would allow new laws to be implemented in time for the day of departure.

He suggested that a transition extension could last three months, but said the measure would have to "solve" the problem of Irish support.

Labor has warned Ms. May that she will not endorse her Brexit plan when it reaches the Commons.

Shadow Brexit's secretary, Sir Keir Starmer, said there is a "real lack of confidence" that Ms. May can return "anything through good business."

Update of 8.21 a.m .: senior student Brexiteer Theresa Villiers has attacked the claims Theresa May is entering the "kill zone".

But Brexit minister Suella Braverman said her colleagues were "free to express themselves in the way they want" and repeatedly refused to say that she would support Ms. May in a vote of confidence.