Britannia could rule the waves again after Brexit with plan to help strike trade deals

It occurs after the Secretary of Commerce, Liam Fox, organized a commercial event aboard the HMS Queen Elizabeth in the port of the city of New York to "ensure commercial ties between the United Kingdom and American companies."

The move prompted trade officials to ask Britain to introduce a new aircraft carrier to attract foreign investors.

Commodore Tony Morrow, Britannia's captain, said Dr. Fox's use of HMS Queen Elizabeth "certainly underscores the absence of such ships these days that help UK commercial interests abroad."

He told the Daily Telegraph: "The nature of these events organized in this way should be applauded and shows how well a ship could be used in this role."

The government said that Dr. Fox used the ship to allow British cyber companies "to present their technology and software to US Fortune 500 companies, in an effort to secure new fruitful deals."

It comes after 50 Tory deputies wrote to Theresa May's cabinet ministers urging them to launch a new lottery game to raise funds for a new 120 million pound yacht.

Those who added their name to the lyrics said that the new lottery game would allow the public to feel "the pride of having a stake" on the ship that "would showcase the best of British companies and project our humanitarian role around the world" after Brexit

The letter said: "When leaving the European Union, there has never been a better time to consider how Britain is projected on the world stage.

"We believe that now is the time to commission a new Royal Yacht Britannia as a new symbol of global Britain, designed and built nationally to showcase the best of the UK shipbuilding and construction industry, and as a platform to promote trade. "

Dr. Fox, former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, Secretary of Defense Gavin Williamson and Culture Minister Tracey Crouch were all recipients of the letter.

The Royal Yacht was used by the queen and the royal family on many of her trips abroad until 1997, when she was discharged after Tony Blair opted not to pay for repairs to the ship, alleging high costs.

Upon returning from her last trip abroad on the ship, she saw the Queen shed a tear when she said goodbye to the yacht.

During its 40 years of service, the former HMY Britannia participated in 968 official visits, traveling more than one million miles at sea.