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Brett Favre's motion to dismiss Mississippi's welfare fraud lawsuit against him is DENIED


Brett Favre’s motion to dismiss welfare fraud lawsuit against him in Mississippi is denied: Packers legend ‘diverted $5 million to his university’s volleyball arena among other personal pet projects’

  • A Mississippi judge denied Favre’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit
  • He has been accused of diverting public welfare funds into personal pet projects
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A circuit court judge denied Brett Favre’s request to dismiss the lawsuit filed against him by the Mississippi Department of Human Services.

The ruling comes one month after the Department of Public Health (MDHS) advised a judge not to remove Favre from the lawsuit, which focuses on the largest public corruption case in state history. The scandal unfolded over several years after millions in federal welfare meant for low-income Mississippians were squandered on pet projects by some of the state’s richest and well-connected citizens, including Favre.

The Green Bay Packers legend has not been charged with a crime in this case, and he previously paid back the $1.1 million he received for his gigs that didn’t talk. But since that payment was made, Favre and more than thirty other companies and individuals have been sued by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Specifically, Favre is accused of diverting $5 million in welfare funds to a new volleyball arena at his alma mater, South Mississippi, where his daughter was playing the sport at the time, and another $1.7 million in public aid to develop an anti-concussion drug company that counted The retired gamer is among its investors.

A spokesperson for Favre told DailyMail.com in response to the decision: “It is clear that Brett Favre is disappointed in the court’s ruling.” His legal team is exploring their options.

Favre’s motion to dismiss the Mississippi Department of Human Services’ lawsuit was denied

He first sought dismissal of his 2022 lawsuit in November, before the state revised its claims against him the following month.

Favre’s attorneys then filed a motion to dismiss the amended lawsuit in February, arguing that MDHS was trying to deflect its failed oversight by filing a lawsuit against the Pro Football Hall of Famer.

MDHS apparently sued Favre, a Mississippi native and national celebrity, for trying to deflect responsibility for its own blunders by allowing tens of millions of dollars of its public funds to fail—money that MDHS itself admitted it was “exclusively liable,” read Favre’s attorney file, which includes Donald Trump’s former attorney, Eric D. Hirschmann.

On Monday, Circuit Court Judge E. Fay Peterson stated that Favre’s motion for dismissal was denied because his argument relied on his version of the facts, which the court “could not consider” due to procedural rules.

Peterson also described the arguments presented by Favre’s lawyers as “unconvincing and unworkable”.

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