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Brentford vow to support Ivan Toney after banned footballer is diagnosed as a gambling addict


‘We consider this case closed’: Brentford pledge to back Ivan Toney as banned striker diagnosed as a gambling addict, as full reasons for his eight-month ban are revealed

Brentford expressed their support for Ivan Toney after the striker was diagnosed as a gambling addict on Friday as the reasons for his eight-month football ban were revealed by the FA.

The Brentford striker, who has the backing of England boss Gareth Southgate, pleaded guilty to 232 of 262 betting charges brought by the FA last year, with the end result – a £50,000 fine and a ban of eight months – distributed earlier in the month.

The governing body has withdrawn the remaining 30 charges, but regardless, Toney is banned until January 16 next year and he can’t even train with Brentford until September. The ban is longer than originally planned, but it reflects the seriousness of the situation.

In Friday’s FA bombshell, it is revealed that Toney placed more than a dozen bets on his own team in a seven-month period between 2017 and 2018. He also kicked in to score at many times.

Toney also informed a friend that he would start his club’s next game, although the circumstances surrounding the breach are unclear. It was also stated in the FA report that Toney did not play in any of the games he bet against his parent club Newcastle while on loan at Wigan.

Brentford were quick to react to the FA report, insisting they consider the matter closed and will continue to support the striker.

A statement from Brentford read: ‘Brentford FC have received and accepted written reasons from an independent regulatory commission which imposed an eight-month ban on Ivan Toney from all football and football-related activity after acknowledging breaches of the FA rule E8, relating to the placement of bets. on football.

“The judgment has been published on the FA website. Ivan and Brentford FC admit breaches were committed and penalties were unavoidable.

“The commission noted that none of the charges related to events where Ivan could negatively impact his own team. The detail is included in the written reasons.

‘The document reads: ‘This case is not one of match fixing. If so, the charges would have been pursued under different provisions. There is no evidence that Mr Toney did or was even able to influence his own team to lose when he placed bets against them to win – he was not in the team or not. was not allowed to play at the time.

‘The document continues: “The commission believes that a significant reduction should be made to reflect the diagnosed gambling addiction identified by [psychiatrist] Doctor [Philip] Hopey. The gambler’s lack of control over gambling is clearly a reflection of their diagnosed gambling addiction.

“The club will now do everything possible to support Ivan and his family in dealing with the issues raised in this case. Conversations about this and all matters relating to the case will be kept confidential in order to protect the player and his family.

“We consider this matter closed and look forward to welcoming Ivan back into training in September and seeing him represent Brentford in the Premier League in January.”

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