Brendan Fraser speaks about his son Griffin, 20, having autism and obesity

Brendan Fraser talked about Griffin, his eldest child and stated that he understands what it is like for someone with obesity to be close to him.

The 53-year old actor portrays a father who is overweight in his film The Whale. As he spoke about his role, he also reflected on his life with Griffin, an autistic child, and how he copes with being obese.

Brendan has three children with Afton, his ex-wife. He divorced her in 2007 after nine years.

Father: Brendan Fraser has spoken about his eldest son Griffin and said he ‘understands’ what it is like to be close to someone who lives with obesity

Brendan shared his thoughts on Griffin, his son with obesity.

He Telled Interview Magazine‘I have three children. My oldest son Griffin is autistic. He has special needs.

‘He Just turned 20, he is a big kid. He is six feet five and has big hands, big feet, and a large body. I can relate to someone living with obesity.

Opening Up: The Actor, 53, Plays An Overweight Father In The Whale (Pictured) And He Reflected On Living With His Own Son Griffin, Who Is Autistic And Obese, As He Discussed The Role

Opening up: The actor, 53, plays an overweight father in The Whale (pictured) and he reflected on living with his own son Griffin, who is autistic and obese, as he discussed the role

The father-of-3 said Griffin was the ‘happiest person in his life’, and explained that he doesn’t understand what ‘cynicism’ is due to his autism. 

Brendan was transformed to play the role of a man in a wheelchair who is trying reconnect with his daughter (Sadie Sink) in psychological drama The Whale.

Charlie is a 600-pound English teacher. He had to wear prosthetics to play the role and spend four hours each day getting his 300-pound suit fitted. 

Brendan said that the role was the most difficult he’d ever had to do, but that he understood Charlie’s needs because of his love for his children. 

Family: Brendan Shares Sons - Griffin, 20, Holand, 18, (Both Pictured With His Ex-Wife Afton) And Leland, 16 - With His Ex-Wife Afton Smith, Who He Divorced In 2007 After Nine Years Of Marriage

Family: Brendan shares sons – Griffin, 20, Holand, 18, (both pictured with his ex-wife Afton) and Leland, 16 – with his ex-wife Afton Smith, who he divorced in 2007 after nine years of marriage

Project: In The Whale, Brendan Underwent A Physical Transformation To Play An Overweight Man Confined To A Wheelchair, Who Is Trying To Reconnect With His Daughter (Sadie Sink)

Project: In The Whale, Brendan underwent a physical transformation to play an overweight man confined to a wheelchair, who is trying to reconnect with his daughter (Sadie Sink)

Brendan was on the red carpet Tuesday with his two youngest sons just weeks before The Whale will arrive in theatres.

He Helden, 18 and Leland, 16 were his handsome sons, who walked the red carpet at a New York City screening for The Whale.

He Jeanne Moore (his long-term partner), was also present at the screening at Alice Tully Hall. 

The Whale follows Brendan as Charlie (Charlie), who is trying to reconnect with Ellie, his 17 year-old daughter (Sadie), after she left her mother and him years before for another man.

Charlie is guilt-ridden about his relationship with the man who would eventually die, and he overeats to reach his current weight 600 pounds.

The official synopsis of the film reads: “A reclusive English teacher who is severely obese attempts to reconnect with his teenage daughter for one final chance at redemption.”

Based on Samuel D. Hunter’s off-Broadway play, the movie was written by him as the screenwriter.

Darren Aronofsky, a filmmaker best known for directing films such as Mother! (2008), The Wrestler (2008) and Mother! 2017 and Black Swan (2010) earned him an Academy Award nomination. He first saw the play in 2012, and then asked the writer for a screenplay.

Brendan’s first Hollywood movie in nearly ten years is The Whale. It also marks his first lead role since the direct-to-DVD thriller Breakout.

He He rose to stardom after he was cast as George of the Jungle in the children’s favorite film franchises, The Mummy and George of the Jungle. 

Family: Weeks Before The Whale Is Set To Arrive In Theatres, Brendan Took To The Red Carpet With His Two Youngest Sons Leland, 16, And Holden, 18, On Tuesday

Family: Weeks before The Whale is set to arrive in theatres, Brendan took to the red carpet with his two youngest sons Leland, 16, and Holden, 18, on Tuesday

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