Brendan Fevola & # 39; s daughter Mia applauds Daniel Rioli at the grand final victory of Richmond Tigers AFL


2006 – Lara Bingle affair

Brendan split with wife Alex in 2006 after a brief affair with the Australian model Lara Bingle, then 19.

Brendan, who was then 26, and Lara, then a 19-year-old bikini model, reportedly met on the set of The Footy Show in Sydney and reportedly spent time together in Melbourne at different occasions.

Lara has previously claimed that she did not know at that time that Brendan was married. She told The Daily Telegraph in 2009 that she only discovered his marital status when she heard his daughter cry while they were on the phone.

Brendan and Alex reconciled 14 months later after the affair came to light.

2006 – Attacks a bartender in Ireland


He was sent home from Australia on the Irish tour after he attacked a bartender at a nightclub in Galway.

2008 – Urinates outside night club

He was fined $ 10,000 from his then club Carlton for peeing in a nightclub window.

He was also deposed from leadership in his club after the incident.

2009 – Swings sex toys at Carlton celebrations

He dressed in a nightdress and waved obscene with a sex toy during the celebration of Carlton & # 39; s Mad Monday.

Video footage of the incident on a mobile phone has been posted on YouTube.


& # 39; Fev had a foot-long dildo hanging from his pink muu-muu in public in front of the bar, & # 39; an unnamed witness told at the time.

& # 39; I saw him hit some girls on it. It was a bit unpleasant. & # 39;

2009 – Footy Show scandal

He was banned from appearing at the Grand Final Footy Show after behaving improperly during the Brownlow Medal ceremony.

The former Carlton and Brisbane star had interviewed notorious players and WAG's while intoxicated.


Brendan, who was currently working for Channel Nine & # 39; s AFL Footy Show, pretended to attack the then Carlton superstar Chris Judd, joked with his partner Bec, kissed Sydney Swans midfielder Ryan O & # 39; Keefe and snapped at the patronage of James Hird.

He left Carlton shortly after the fallout.

2010 – Lara Bingle nude photo

A nude statue of Lara in the shower resurfaced from her alleged affair with Brendan after allegedly spreading around soccer circles.

2010 – Suicide attempt


He tried to commit suicide after losing nearly a million dollars by the end of 2010 due to gambling.

He drank four bottles of red wine and injured himself after a fight with Alex.

"I just thought the easiest way to go was to do this and get everyone out of their pain … by giving the pain to myself," he told Fox Sports.

He revealed that it was his mother who found him in his drunken state after his suicide attempt.

& # 39; It wasn't fair to my mother, it wasn't fair to anyone … it was very, very stupid and immature, & # 39; he said.


2011 – Rehab for drinking and gambling

Brendan eventually rehabilitated 60 days for gambling, drinking and depression and was fired from playing AFL while he was there.

& # 39; Being fired was probably the best thing that ever happened to me, because then I got out & # 39; the bubble & # 39; and it went fine. It was really weird, & he recalled later.

& # 39; I would keep everything in, and then I would drink and act, because everything was built. & # 39;

2013 – declares itself bankrupt

At the end of 2013, he declared himself bankrupt after much of his fortune had disappeared through gambling.

2014 – Alex fils divorce

Former model Alex, 39, filed for divorce in April after nine years of marriage.

2015 – Brendan and Alex reunite

In October the pair reunited, Brendan explaining that he was beginning to listen to Alex more & # 39; rather than being distracted by other things.


2016 – Appears on I & # 39; m A Celebrity … Get me out of here

He went to the reality show at the beginning of 2016, where he frankly admitted drinking and gambling and won the competition.

Brendan discussed the Footy Show scandal on the program and continued to regret his behavior.

& # 39; No, I had a great time, & # 39; he said. & # 39; I didn't hurt anyone. I was really bullied if you didn't notice. & # 39;

But later he seemed willing to accept the blame for his actions and said to his fellow campers: & # 39; It was my own fault. & # 39;


2016 – Scores a radio performance

After his victory, he made the trip to radio in April 2016 and became a third of FFifi, Fev and Byron from OX FM with co-hosts Fifi Box and Byron Cooke.

2016 – introduces ex-wife Alex

Brendan asked Alex the question in July and sat down on one knee surrounded by their friends and family.

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