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BREAKING: Multiple people are injured in knife attack at Swedish mall

Several people injured in knife attack in Swedish shopping center

  • Two people have been taken to hospital, one of these people is seriously injured
  • One arrest has been made after the knife attack this morning around 8:30 am
  • Police do not rule out further injuries in Västerå . attack

Several people were injured in a knife attack in a Swedish shopping center.

Two people were taken to hospital after the attack at 8.30 am. One of these people is seriously injured in the center of Västerås.

Police do not rule out the possibility that more people will be injured in the attack.

Magnus Jansson Klarin, a police spokesman, said there had been one arrest and they did not suspect anyone else of involvement.

He added: ‘We are getting several calls in a short period of time that there have been several’ [people] injured.’

According to information to Aftonbladet, the police confirmed that the people had been injured with a sharp object. The incident is being investigated as an attempted murder.

More to follow.

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