Brazil’s UFC star Paulo Costa claims Brazil cannot win World Cup explodes in a shocking display

Brazil’s UFC star Paulo Costa claims Brazil cannot win World Cup because the stars ‘all feminists’ or apologise that they are straight and white.

Paulo Costa, a controversial Brazilian UFC fighter, has launched a shocking attack on his national football team and declared that they can’t win the 2022 FIFA. World Cup.

The UFC’s off-contract star made some outrageous and offensive comments about the UFC team on Twitter this week. 

Brazilian soccer team were respectable when they had drug dealers to make party’s officials and shemale f***er Like Ronald(o) at 2006 or 2002,’ he said.

“Now they are all feminists or have to apologize for being straight white. They will not win the world cup. Relive the good times.

Costa reacts to Luke Rockhold’s fight at UFC 278 at Vivint arena earlier this year

Costa is not afraid to share outrageous social media posts.

He He previously claimed that he was drunk while fighting Israel Adesanya. He posted a video showing Adesanya running from him in the Ring, and shared a video with his secret juice that gets him jacked. He also claimed that the NASA Mars lander was staged, and has joined the ranks the flat-earthers.

Whittaker stated that he ignored Costa’s social media antics in October, just before his latest post was published.

Ufc Superstar Paulo Costa Says Brazil Can'T Win The World Cup Because The Stars Are 'All Feminists Or Apologise For Being Straight And White' In Shocking Outburst

Brazil’s UFC star Paulo Costa claims Brazil cannot win World Cup because the stars ‘all feminists’ or apologise that they are straight and white.

Costa is set to face Australian Robert Whittaker at UFC 284, Perth, next February.

“I don’t really know him, but I feel that he behaves quite silly on my behalf.” [social] Whittaker spoke out about Costa in October, saying that although it isn’t meant to hurt anyone, it’s still not offensive to anyone I don’t think.

“But I don’t follow his, I’m not a fan’ so it’s hard for me to say what he does. He’s not hurting anyone and people have a good time, so who cares? 

Costa could be able to win the Australian bout and get his UFC career moving again. 

Costa’s outburst will not go down well among UFC powerbrokers. He is still out of contract, and looks set to switch to boxing.

Whittaker Takes Part In Some Light Training During The Ufc 284 Media Opportunity At Ufc Gym Signatur

Whittaker participates in light training at the UFC 284 Media Opportunity, UFC GYM Signatur

‘I haven’t renewed with UFC. Hunter and I had a conversation. [UFC executive Hunter Campbell]. He He was supposed to return to me. I asked him about the figure, and he was supposed answer me. “I haven’t gotten an explanation yet,” he said. Fight Sports.

“Anything is possible. I still have one fight and I’m not certain what it is. A team of lawyers has been reviewing the contract and assessing how it works. The contract can also be terminated at any time. Perhaps I don’t need to fight for my contract to be completed.

Richarlison Of Brazil Celebrates The 1-0 During The Fifa World Cup Qatar 2022 Group G Match Between Brazil And Serbia At Lusail Stadium

Richarlison, Brazil, celebrates the FIFA 1-0 World Cup Qatar 2022 Group G match between Brazil & Serbia at Lusail Stadion

“We must know how to take care our stuff and the UFC contract.

“I must be aware of how it works so that I don’t make mistakes. I need to get the best out of it. There is one more fight or the time clause. I believe that’s it. However, I am still speaking with my lawyers.

Costa indicated that he is willing to fight Whittaker, however, he will not do so until the contract dispute resolution is completed. 

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