Brazil school shoots terror as 16-year-old teen gunman goes on bloody rampage

Three people, including an adolescent girl, were killed and eleven others were injured when a 16 year-old opened fire on two schools located in southeastern Brazil.

Authorities in Aracruz, Espirito Santo, stated that the shooter had opened fire Friday morning on a group teachers at his former school. Two people were killed and nine others were left with injuries.

He then left the public primary and secondary school — and went to a nearby private school, where he killed an adolescent girl and left two other people wounded, officials said.

The shooter was arrested by authorities, according to Renato Casagrande (Gouvernor), who also declared three days’ mourning for the state.

‘He He was a student at the (first) school from June to June as a minor of 16 years. His family later transferred him to another school. Casagrande stated that he had information about him undergoing psychiatric treatment.

He Some survivors’ lives were still at risk due to their wounds, said one of them.

He stated, “We are praying for them to recover.”

Brazilian media broadcast footage of the shooter, who was dressed in military camouflage and carrying a gun, running into school. He Then he ran through the halls, sending staff fleeing with terror as he started firing shots.

Investigators believe he was wearing a swastika over his fatigues. Adriana Dias, an anthropologist, found that there are approximately 530 active neo Nazi cells in the country.

A gunman opened fire at a Brazilian school, killing two teachers and one pupil. At least three people, including an adolescent girls, were killed and eleven others were wounded in the shooting at a Brazilian school.

Authorities In The Town Of Aracruz, In Espirito Santo State, Said The Shooter (Pictured) Had Opened Fire On A Group Of Teachers At His Former School Friday

Investigators Said The Pictured Shooter Had A Swastika On His Fatigues

Authorities in Aracruz, Espirito Santo, claimed that the shooter (pictured), had opened fire on teachers at his former school Friday

The Town Of Aracruz, In Espirito Santo State, Is Pictured. Governor Renato Casagrande, Who Declared Three Days Of Mourning In The State

Pictured is the town of Aracruz in Espirito Santo. Governor Renato casagrande declared three days of mourning for the state

Most of the victims were teachers, according to Folha Vitória, a Brazilian news website.

“It’s the worst tragedy that our city has ever witnessed; the entire city is stunned.” All the victims at the state school are teachers. It’s sad,” said Dr. Coutinho (the mayor of Aracruz), quoted in the newspaper. “We are already receiving security reinforcements. Classes are suspended until Monday.”

Officials said the shooter, a policeman’s son, used two handguns in the attack, both registered to his father — one his service firearm, the other a privately registered weapon.

Casagrande claimed that the boy had planned the attack well, entering through a locked entrance and skirting security guards at school.

He then entered the teachers’ lounge — the first room he came to — and opened fire, the governor said.

‘He he was looking to shoot people. He He said, “I opened fire on the first person he encountered.”

An AFP photographer stated that investigators were seen loading victims’ bodies into coffins and loading them onto police trucks outside the school.

The population is approximately 100,000. Although school shootings are not common in Brazil, they have been on the rise in recent years.

Brazil’s most brutal school shooting resulted in 12 deaths in 2011 when a gunman opened fire on his elementary school in Realengo in Rio de Janeiro. He then shot himself.

Two former students killed eight people in Suzano high school, just outside Sao Paulo in 2019. They then took their own lives.

Brazilian President-elect Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva referred to the recent shootings as an “absurd tragedy”.

On Twitter, he said that he was “saddened” to hear about the attacks.

Police Officers Stand At The Entrance Of The Primo Bitti State School, One Of Two Schools Where A Shooting Took Place

Two schools were the subject of a shooting, the Primo Bitti State Schools is one of them. Police officers are standing at the entrance.

A Police Officer Stands Guard As Locals Gather Outside The Police Station Where The Perpetrator Of Two School Shootings Is Being Held In Aracruz

As locals gather to guard the Aracruz police station, a police officer watches.

“All my sympathy to the victims’ families…and my support to Governor Casagrande to investigate and assist the two school communities.

Lula, who previously held the office of Brazil’s president in 2003-2010, will be taking office on January 1, after he defeated far-right President Jair Bolsonaro during elections last month.

He Bolsonaro’s drastic curbs on gun control laws has been strongly criticized by the author.

Bolsonaro was an ex-army commander and became president in 2019. The number of registered gun owners has increased by more than quintupled since Bolsonaro’s presidency in 2019, when it rose from 117,000 to 673,000. This was aided by a series o presidential decrees that eased regulations on ammunition and firearms.

Bruno Langeani, a researcher at Sou da Paz, spoke out as a public security expert and said that attacks like these are more likely due to the policies of the current administration.

He stated that the Bolsonaro government had encouraged an increase in firearm availability in recent years, which facilitates such an episode.

The Governor Of Espirito Santo State, Renato Casagrande, Speaks With The Press Following A Shootout In Two Schools In Aracruz

Renato casagrande, Governor of Espirito Santo State speaks with the media after a shootout between two schools in Aracruz

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