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Brawl Stars – Tips and Tricks for New Gamers

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Supercell Inc. introduced the worth playing game “Brawl Stars” around six years ago (in 2017). Interestingly, it starts seeing an increasing number of brawl stars accounts in a short passage of time. Players and gamers start becoming part of this game experience from various countries all over the world.

More importantly, one of the reputable YouTubers, Mr. Beast sponsored the Brawl Stars game and announced a grand prize of $456,000 for Squid Game. That’s why its number of installations, downloads, and even in-app purchases started getting more hype than other games in its competition. However, this game is not as easy as it sounds.

That’s why I am going to share my favorite (and personal) tips and tricks to tackle the opponents in the game. So, let’s get started!

Watch Out Your Thumb:

The majority of the Brawl Stars gamers are right-handed and they control their player movements with the help of their left thumb. Contrarily, they attack the opponents with their right thumb. They follow this pattern until they don’t change their settings. However, the vision of most players gets blurred (or blocked) due to the constant motion of their players in the bushes.

In this way, your thumb can become a hurdle in the way of your player. Therefore, it is better to check these settings occasionally. It helps you to spot your biggest enemies in the game. Not just this, you can get benefits at the time of Showdown and catch your players from the left side. This is because your thumb will be in the line of sight.

Save Your Gems to Get Brawl Pass:

Do you know the most valuable currency of Brawl Stars is known as Gems? The reason is simple – gems help you to purchase Mega Boxes and Skins. More importantly, it helps to buy Brawl Pass. And the cheapest brawl pass comes at the cost of 169 gems in every season. As a reward, it gives a new Brawler, innovative skin, and a bundle of other goodies.

So, getting a Brawl Pass is always valuable in terms of Gems and money. You can get 90 gems from the tiers of the free season. You can collect them, save them, and use them to purchase a new Brawler Pass in the next season. Rarely, daily gifts also come with gems in the shop and you can get them, too.

Keep an Eye on Daily Quests:

If you have not succeeded in buying or collecting gems, don’t worry at all! You can have Power Points and Coins from free tiers. Fortunately, you will see that there are more than 70 tiers available each season. And, gamers should grab Tokens to level up in each tier to get several rewards.

It is possible if you complete your quests. As a result, you will get more Tokens. Apart from season quests, you should not miss the opportunity of daily quests. You can get 200 tokens from daily quests which is quite impressive. I think it is a good tip because it helps you to get more gifts and rewards.

Save Power Points for Later Date:

Power Points are the boosters to increase the damage of the brawlers and maximize the health of your own players. However, many players give their power points to all their brawlers and some of them will try to strengthen only their favorite ones.

So, you can save the power points for later use if you have earned enough with the help of season tiers. Plus, you have the opportunity to claim more power points from any of your previous seasons. However, you can claim only those PowerPoints that you have missed out on in that season. Let’s get Brawl Stars accounts for sale and have more fun.

If you have any other tips and tricks that you have gained while playing Brawl Stars, share them in the comments section.

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