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Brass vs. Copper Vent Hoods: Which Works Best for Your Kitchen

Today’s kitchens are, in many cases, the home’s centerpiece. They are multifunctional and open spaces where we live, entertain ourselves, and relax, in addition to cooking and eating. It is essential that when designing this space, we dedicate the necessary time to choosing the elements that will be part of this environment and their location.

Moreover, the quality of the vent hood is closely related to the degree of performance. Such as exhausting the smokes, fumes, and odors away from the kitchen. In addition, the vent hoods are essential to prevent spillage of oils and grease from settling on the kitchen surfaces while improving the kitchen’s air quality.

Furthermore, the commonly applicable vent hoods are in brass and copper vent hoods, but the question of which is the best suitable for use in the kitchen is the most intriguing.

Brass vs. Copper Vent Hood

Aesthetic nature range

Copper vent hoods have a beautiful natural aesthetic that brings out the warm touches to the kitchen compared to a brass hood that is more metallic in material, giving a cold sensation to the kitchen. In addition, copper hoods have an elegant satisfaction that makes the kitchen design timeless and can be installed in many kitchen spaces. 


Copper vent hoods have a broad versatility that makes them applicable to various materials within the kitchen space. In contrast, brass hoods may work with limited kitchen equipment due to their range of colors. Moreover, copper hoods will match and give a beautiful design regardless of where they are installed in the kitchen.

Cleaning Capabilities

Copper vent hoods have unique soft surfaces that require small efforts while cleaning. Their durability makes it easier to maintain cleanliness for a more extended period. However, both brass and copper hoods have anti-bacterial abilities that keep bacteria and the build-up of dust quickly hence maintaining cleanliness.

 Aging Process

Copper material has a patina effect that makes the material change its color beautifully as it moves over time. Copper vent hoods will grow in beauty as they age, and this aspect adds more color to the kitchen space.

In addition, having a copper hood investment is beneficial since it doesn’t deteriorate due to its growth compared to brass, will have a disfigured color, and its original nature will deteriorate over time.


Brass hoods are more affordable than copper vent hoods. Copper material tends to be more expensive due to its nature of extraction and the quality of its original character; hence the hoods become costly. 


Brass hoods are readily available since clients can easily find their source-making material. However, copper vent hoods are the best option for a long-run investment.


The decision on which vent hood to opt for depends on the individual; however, copper vent hoods are more durable and give a longer service time. However, the individual must consider other factors before decision making, such as the type of style and design for the vent hood. Also, brass and copper hoods provide various customization ranges and perfectly fit the kitchen space.

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