Brain Boost plant protein bars are reduced by 20% using our code for improved mood and mental focus

Eating dark chocolate CAN boost brain power! Munch your way to improved focus and mood with these chocolate and plant-protein snack bars that are now reduced by 20%

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You may have heard that fish oil is great for the brain but there are tastier alternatives to eat your way to better mental performance and clarity.

If you’re a chocolate lover, you need to know about Brain MD’s Brain Boost chocolate plant based protein bar. With a layer of pure almond butter and real dark chocolate chunks, these snack bars taste so good you would never guess they were so healthy.

Taste comes through a base of pure, creamy almond butter and 68% dark chocolate chunks.

Nutrition benefits for your brain and gut come from 12 g plant-based protein from blend of pea, brown rice and pumpkin proteins and 11g gut-friendly prebiotic fiber.

Save 20% using the code BRAINBOOSTBARS20 


The Brain Boost Plant Protein And Chocolate Chunk Snack Bars Are Moist, Soft, Nutty, Chocolatey And A Hit With Child And Adult Testers

The Brain Boost plant protein and chocolate chunk snack bars are moist, soft, nutty, chocolatey and a hit with child and adult testers

Developed by neuroscientist Dr Daniel Amen, the man behind a range of supplements for brain health including serotonin mood support and the BRIGHT minds memory bundle, these health-boosting bars taste delicious, will stop you snacking on unhealthy foods and will give your brain a boost.

Packed with clean plant-based proteins, gut-friendly prebiotic fiber and anti-oxidant rich dark chocolate, eating one of these Brain MD Brain Boost bars a day could make you smarter as well as improve memory and other mental functions. 

Even better is that readers can score an exclusive 20 per cent off all orders using the code BRAINBOOSTBARS20 at checkout on the BrainMD website.

 Parents say they’re great for packing in kids’ snack bags for school or outings as they taste delicious and are packed with benefits for their developing brains.

Kids Need To Eat Healthy To Help Their Bodies Grow And This Is A Way To Ensure They'Re Eating More Protein And Prebiotics Without Any Struggle As Kids Will Look Forward To The Taste

Kids need to eat healthy to help their bodies grow and this is a way to ensure they’re eating more protein and prebiotics without any struggle as kids will look forward to the taste

For adults, if you are often tempted to reach for sugary snacks in the afternoon in an attempt to giver yourself a boost, these are a more powerful way to fuel you for longer thanks to the 12g of plant based protein. This not only makes your tummy feel fuller for longer but gives the brain the power it needs to operate at full capacity.

The protein comes from pea protein and pumpkin protein, which are both easily absorbed by the body. Pumpkin protein is also rich in iron, magnesium, vitamin E and other nutrients.

Did you know there’s a link between gut health and brain health through the gut-brain axis? These Brain MD bars have 11 grams of prebiotic to balance the gut, which will in turn balance the brain and regulate moods.

Want To Improve Your Mood? The Brain Boost Md Bars Contain Gut-Friendly Prebiotics To Balance The Gut Which Boosts Mind And Mood Through The Gut-Brain Axis

Want to improve your mood? The Brain Boost MD bars contain gut-friendly prebiotics to balance the gut which boosts mind and mood through the gut-brain axis

And all these benefits come in a great-tasting bar, with shoppers who’ve tried them consistently praising the taste. 

‘Just great,’ praised one reviewer who rated the bars a full five stars. ‘Delicious and loaded with great ingredients. But the big test was that my grandchildren love it.’

Founder Dr Amen explains : ‘These bars took three years to develop because we wanted to get them just right. We recently had a retreat for 50 Amen Clinics doctors and put out 120 bars for them, thinking it would last the weekend. They were gone the first day, because they are nutritious and delicious!’

If you want to save 20 per cent now and taste them for yourself, all you have to do is visit the Brain MD website and use the code BRAINBOOSTBARS20.

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