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Brady in retirement & paper boy Josh Allen: The best & worst! of NFL teams’ 2023 schedule releases


Tom Brady in a retirement home, WWE star Seamus in a Nashville honky-tonk — and Josh Allen’s new job as a paperboy: The best (and worst!) of the NFL teams’ 2023 release videos

The NFL has officially released its schedule, and fans across the country have seen their favorite teams have special ways to show their supporters what to look forward to.

In addition to posts that show fans exactly what to look forward to, their creative departments shine with interesting videos.

Some teams call up television shows, such as the Chicago Bears. Others invite celebrities and other famous athletes, such as the Tennessee Titans.

From a fake retirement home for New England Patriots players to letting the Buffalo Bills live in different jobs, the NFL goes crazy when they drop their games list.

Here, DailyMail.com takes a look at the best and the worst of the 2023 NFL Schedule release videos.

The NFL officially released all 32 teams’ schedules for the 2023 season on Thursday night

Los Angeles Chargers: An anime video featuring a billion Easter eggs

After last year’s viral success of an anime theme for their planned release, the Chargers decided to reverse it and dropped an equally awesome anime video.

This time around, cameos abounded as ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith and Mina Kimes were featured in the creation.

Not to mention the boatload of Easter eggs covering every team, from the Titans (with mayonnaise and a half-eaten banana for Will Levis), to the Vikings (a banner reads “Mentioned in a Lizzo Song”), and even a subtle punch to the Knicks (with a sign in Times Square that says Trae Young: King of Broadway).

This video is worth watching and rewatching to find every hidden gem and really appreciate the artwork.

Buffalo Bills: Making dreams come true

General manager Brandon Beane came up with the idea that the Bills wanted to make their players’ dreams come true – and just to throw their ideas into a bucket.

From Josh Allen wanting to be a paperboy, to the offensive line fooling Bills reporter Steve Tasker, to RB Damien Harris playing a video game on the stadium’s jumbotron, Buffalo was able to make their every wish come true .

Meanwhile, hints about who they were playing against spread throughout the stadium as people passed by.

New England Patriots: Brady comes home for retirement

Devin McCourty, the recently retired Patriots legend in the defensive secondary, was dropped off outside the ‘Patriots Retirement House’ by his twin brother Jason.

With New England legends like Rob Ninkovich and Andre Tippett on the skit, the Patriots had themes for every opponent on their schedule.

At the end, a bell rings at the door, and McCourty opens the door as the ‘rookie’. He immediately beams when he “sees” former teammate Tom Brady at the door asking if there is “room for one more” on the day it was revealed that the greatest quarterback of all time would be honored during their Week 1 game against Philadelphia.

Tennessee Titans: A showcase of country music with a wrestler’s flair

On a legendary honky tonk in downtown Nashville, we see WWE superstar Sheamus supervising a bar filled with rowdy patrons.

With different decors on the walls – from records to writing to even napkins – the program is slowly but surely revealed.

At the end, country music star Keith Urban performs for the audience’s delight as Tennessee fans get ready for their season.

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