Bracelet Maintenance Method

The hardness of the gold necklace is low, so when do rough work such as carrying, cleaning and vigorous exercise in normal times, try not to wear a gold yin yang necklace to avoid collision and pulling in the process, causing the necklace to break and damage.
Gold necklaces can’t be directly in contact with cosmetics such as perfumes and hair gels. Gold personalized necklaces can cause white spots on the necklace when they encounter cosmetics containing mercury or lead. If you accidentally touch it, you can restore the original color by baking it under the alcohol lamp for a while. If this doesn’t work, you have to take it to a jewelry store for care.



Among the many jewelry, jade bracelets are more popular. But for a good jade name bracelets to maintain its beauty and luster, maintenance is absolutely indispensable.
First of all, if the bracelet is worn regularly, it doesn’t need special care. Just rinse with water when necessary and wipe dry with an absorbent cotton cloth.

As the saying goes, people nourish jade for three years, and jade nourishes people for a lifetime. As long as it absorbs the daily sweat of the human body, it is the moisture of the jade custom birthstone rings. However, in the daily wearing process, we should try to avoid the things of acid and alkali and soot. The jadeite thing is spiritual. If it is overly exposed to corrosive items, it will have strong corrosion to the gloss of the jade bracelet.
Secondly, if the jade bracelet is not often worn but placed for a long time, you will need to spend a little time thinking about maintenance. Place the bracelet wherever possible to avoid strong light. Long-term sun exposure can cause loss of natural moisture in the jade bracelet and loss of lustre and even cracks. If you don’t wear it for a long time, you can soak the jade bracelet in the water for a while, then put it in the shade and dry it naturally.

It is also possible to apply some vegetable oil as appropriate. This helps keep the transparency and shine of the jade bracelet. Of course, we must avoid high temperature contact, and should not place it in a high-temperature environment for a long time. The reason is the same as avoiding direct sunlight. After all, good transparency is very important to jade custom name bracelets!

Jewelry has a lot of small details to notice when you wear it. Only careful care can make your monogrammed necklace jewelry always look new. Have you remembered all the cautions mentioned above? Be sure to check your jewelry regularly!