Boy picked on by staff and given detention when parents wanted him excused from pride parade

A five-year-old boy was bullied and held for three hours when his Christian parents tried to get him released from the school’s “pride” parade, a court heard today.

Izzy Montague, 38, wrote to Heaver’s Farm Primary School in Norwood, south-east London, asking her son to be removed from the event in June 2018 as it went against her Christian beliefs.

The invitation stated that the school would “celebrate the differences that make you and your child’s family special.”

The school declined the request, prompting Ms. Montague to write a “long email” complaining to head teacher Susan Papas.

Izzy Montague (pictured), 38, wrote to Heaver’s Farm Primary School in Norwood, south-east London, asking her son to be removed from the June 2018 LGBT event

Heaver¿S Farm Primary School (Pictured) Rejected Ms Montague'S Request That Her Son Be Removed From The Event

Heaver’s Farm Primary School (pictured) rejected Ms Montague’s request that her son be removed from the event

Ms Montague was previously featured on ITV’s Good Morning Britain where she sparked controversy after telling a gay father his sexuality is ‘a choice’ during a debate about LGBT teaching in schools

Ms Montague’s husband, Shane Montague, told the court today that he didn’t think it was “the school’s job” to teach children about same-sex families.

Ian Clarke, the school’s representative, asked him, “Given the existence of students from same-sex families at the school, is it wise and right for the school to acknowledge that fact to the children?”

“Not at age four,” Mr. Montague replied.

“At what age?” asked Mr. Clarke.

“Well, they’ll find out later in life, but not at four,” said Mr. Montague.

“But suppose a child from reception has a same-sex family, that child is going to tell that fact to his friends… is it wise for the school to address that before the potential for bullying arises?” asked Mr. Clarke

“I’m not sure if that’s their job or not,” Mr. Montague replied.

Izzy Montague Has Previously Appeared On Itv To Argue That Teaching Lgbt Issues Is Wrong.  She Said It Should Be Her Choice Whether To Teach Her Children About Lgbt

Izzy Montague has previously appeared on ITV to argue that teaching LGBT issues is wrong. She said it should be her choice whether to teach her children about LGBT

The parents also claim that their son was “bullied” by staff members after they made their complaint.

“On October 8 (2018) your son is going into detention, and you say it was ‘totally inappropriate’ because he is usually well behaved and has not been in detention before,” Mr Clarke said.

“Well, there’s a difference because your son was in daycare before then, so he moved on to the main school, to the next age group, yes?”

“Yes,” said Mr. Montague.

‘And you use the word ‘usually’ well-behaved, I suppose of course a five-year-old is not always well-behaved,’ said Mr Clarke.

“Not to the level of spitting in someone’s face or throwing pencils,” Mr. Montague said.

‘Not at home?’ asked the lawyer.

“No, all children misbehave, but not like this,” the father said.

“And you agree that when a child misbehaves at school, the school has a right and needs to address these issues… your son is misbehaving and sent to the boardroom, will you accept that?” asked Mr. Clarke.

“No, I don’t accept that and I don’t accept that they kept him there for more than three hours and he’s being held again the next day,” Mr Montague said.

Mr. Clarke said, “You say your son was bullied because you and your wife complained about LGBT events, yes?”

“Yes,” replied Mr. Montague.

Ms Montague, supported by the Christian Legal Centre, is suing the school for direct and indirect discrimination, victimization and breach of legal duty under the Education Act 1996 and the Human Rights Act 1998.

It is the first time a British court has examined the legality of imposing LGBT ideology on primary schools.

The hearing continues.

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