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Boundary, the new bottomless multiplayer shooter, is reaching strong Steam player numbers upon release – WhatsNew2Day


The one-of-a-kind space shooter reaches new heights on Steam.

You may have already seen a trailer of Boundary. Astronauts in awkward space suits drift through space between satellites and space stations, armed with all sorts of well-known but futuristic firearms. The shooter with the unusual scenario has now appeared on Steam in Early Access – and is attracting a lot of interest.

Lots of interest, mixed reviews

On the evening of the release, people were already logging in at peak times nearly 25,000 players into the shooter, which is quite remarkable for the rather niche title. However, a lot of criticism is expressed in the first reviews at the same time, which is why Boundary has only one positive rating with 67 percent Balanced comes.

What is the criticism? While gameplay and graphics are praised in many reviews, it’s more technical issues that lead to negative reviews:

  • No Region Restriction: It is often criticized that it has not yet been possible to only play with players from the same region (e.g. Europe). As a result, many opponents play with an extremely high ping and are therefore impossible to hit.
  • Bugs: Many users also encounter errors. It can happen that you get stuck in a menu or you don’t earn any experience points because of an error.

The good news is: As an Early Access game, Boundary will probably still be developed diligently. Technical problems and missing features should be addressed – ideally quite soon.

How does Boundary work?

Boundary - Fire Fall trailer shows multiplayer action in zero gravity

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Boundary – Fire Fall trailer shows multiplayer action in zero gravity

You can see what the shooting in a vacuum looks like in the trailer above. In Boundary you play classic 5v5 battles and attack your opponents with various firearms and grenades.

The big difference, however, is weightlessness, which lets you float in every imaginable direction. There is no such thing as up and down, enemies can appear anywhere. You can also use a grappling hook to quickly move to a different location if needed. Our author Christian Just tried the shooter some time ago and tells you more about it:

What do you think of Boundary? Curious about the concept and considering trying out the shooter? Have you even played the game and can tell us how you like it? Or are you more put off by the space scenario and prefer to experience more down-to-earth combat? Feel free to write it in the comments!

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