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An Australian company Biogency whose founders are PhD graduates from USYD faculty of Pharmacy have developed and produced a world first breakthrough wonder drug called Synext that is scientifically proven to provide the same benefits which are normally achieved by combining one hour of intense daily exercise, calorie restriction and fasting and its now available to buy online.

The health benefits that Synext provides will disrupt a 123 billion dollar natural supplement global economy as it delivers the same benefits 30 individual health products currently provide combined saving consumers $$ and delivering a better health outcome whilst also keeping within the daily allowances of various active ingredients needed to achieve maximum health results. In short It’s a total body makeover from the inside out saving people time, effort and money and giving them noticeable health and anti-aging results.

Synext’s world first breakthrough formulation provides a series of beneficial cellular activities resulting in increased energy levels, improved insulin sensitivity, reduced inflammation, DNA repair, immunity, improved stem cell functions and autophagy which is the body’s way of cleaning out damaged cells, in order to regenerate newer, healthier cells. These activities combined ultimately improve general health and longevity.

So what does Synext do that other supplements can’t do that makes it a breakthrough?

Exercising increases energy expenditure while calorie restriction or fasting reduces energy intake. These activities produce an overall effect of reduced energy levels, which switches cells into a “survival mode” by activating a signalling pathway called “AMP-activated protein kinase” (AMPK). The activation of AMPK pathway triggers a series of beneficial cellular activities including increasing insulin sensitivity, NAD+ levels, DNA repair, immunity, stem cell functions and autophagy, as well as reducing inflammation and so on.

These activities will ultimately improve general health and longevity. Synext’s active ingredients are able to activate AMPK without the need to exercise fast or reduce calorie intake. You can buy this new breakthrough formulation which is TGA approved online at https://biogency.com.au/