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Bondi Woman hit with a $283 fine for parking in her own driveway


Female driver fined $283 for private driveway parking – here’s why she was wrong

  • Jäclyn Clairé fined for parking in her driveway
  • Waverly Council defended the $283 statutory fine
  • Mrs Clairé parked at ‘Kroonland’ which is illegal

A woman has been fined for parking in her private driveway on a tight suburban street.

Jäclyn Clairé was fined $283 after parking her car in Sydney’s Bondi on Thursday with a small portion of her front bumper hanging over the pavement.

An angry and confused Ms Clairé posted the fine on social media, as well as a photo showing how she usually parks her car.

“Has there been a change to parking on Warners Ave recently?” she wrote.

“I park in my driveway, leaving enough room for a double stroller because my car won’t fit in the garage.

“I never had a problem until this ticket today.”

Although Ms Clairé claims she left enough room for double pushchairs to fit between her car and the garage, Waverly council says she still parks on ‘Crown land’ and could be fined

A spokesperson for Waverly Council explained to 7News that the district was cracking down on illegal parking, particularly on ‘Kroonland’ and that where she parked ‘has always been fined’.

“This has always been a fined offense under Australian traffic rules,” Wavery’s spokesman said.

“The council has previously accepted this practice as long as vehicles do not encroach on/obstruct the footpath and respond to complaints.

“Due to the recent continued high level of complaints from residents and NSW Fire and Rescue, action is being taken.”

In NSW, cars parked outside owner’s property are also parked on sidewalks, technically on Crown land – or that which is owned by the government or the Commonwealth.

Cars parked on Crown land are “not allowed to stop or park your vehicle across a driveway unless picking up or dropping off passengers,” according to NSW law.

Waverly Council warned residents on April 17 of the imminent crackdown on parking violations.

Jäclyn Clairé was fined $283 for parking in her driveway because her car didn't fit in the garage

Jäclyn Clairé was fined $283 for parking in her driveway because her car didn’t fit in the garage

“The municipality sent residents a letter earlier this year as a courtesy reminder and advance notice that parking attendants will soon be visiting the street to enforce parking laws,” the spokesman said.

A fed up local resident said residents were campaigning to challenge the crackdown.

“The residents of Warners Ave are currently in discussions with each other in hopes of moving this forward with the council to come to a mutually beneficial arrangement for residents, local shops and visitors,” they said online.

Others debated the merits of the fine, with some encouraging Ms Clairé to fight while others said ‘rules are rules’.

“On my street there are dozens of cars that do this (that) never get fined unless someone complains to the council,” one said.

“Drivers need to take more responsibility with their vehicle and housing choices – if it means going elsewhere with better parking then so be it,” added another.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Waverly Council for comment.

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