Bondi residents push for gas-powered leaf blower ban amid Covid-19 lockdown in Sydney

Bondi residents want to BAN petrol leaf blowers from posh beachside suburb because they can’t handle the noise during lockdown – and traditions are raging

  • Bondi Beach Precinct members have pushed for a ban on all petrol leaf blowers
  • Landscapers are outraged, say the ban would increase operating costs
  • Residents indicated that the petrol leaf blowers caused more dust and noise
  • locals prefer electrically powered alternatives despite increasing costs for businesses

A feud has broken out between landscapers and an angry group of Bondi residents who want petrol leaf blowers banned during lockdown for being too noisy.

Bondi Beach locals have taken the lead over the ban on petrol leaf blowers in favor of electric-powered alternatives, outraging landscapers and gardeners.

Residents of the beachside suburb claimed that the increase in dust and noise has had an extreme impact on the closed-off area.

Bondi Beach Precinct has led a motion to ban petrol leaf blowers during lockdown due to ‘psychological and health concerns’

But hardworking workers like John Hayes, who has maintained the upscale area’s yards for more than a decade, say the ban would increase his operating costs.

The owner of The Bondi Gardener and Handyman laughed off concerns about noise from traditional leaf blowers and instead emphasized the economic cost of switching to electric-powered alternatives.

‘Electric and battery-powered blowers don’t come close to the growl of petrol-powered blowers,’ he told The Daily Telegraph.

“Because they don’t have a growl, you’ll spend hours hauling debris from difficult places to clear it up — so your labor costs would be through the roof.”

Mr Hayes expressed his outrage at the idea of ​​banning the two-stroke leaf blowers and assured him that he had no problems with his hearing, despite decades of exposure to loud machines such as jackhammers.

“It’s an abundance of stupidity… I’m just shaking my head about it.” He told the news channel that.

'It's an abundance of stupidity' John Hayes of The Bondi Gardener and Handyman says switching to electrically powered leaf blowers will increase labor costs (stock image)

‘It’s an abundance of stupidity’ John Hayes of The Bondi Gardener and Handyman says switching to electrically powered leaf blowers will increase labor costs (stock image)

Local Greens councilor Dominic Wy Kanak raised the Bondi Beach Precincts issue in a motion notice at Waverley Council’s Tuesday evening meeting.

The motion’s announcement outlined the psychological and health effects the petrol-powered leaf blowers were inflicting on the Bondi community, claiming that noise levels from the gas guzzlers “reached hundreds of times above World Health Organization Australia limits.”

District co-organizer Margaret Merten told the Daily Telegraph that Sydney’s lockdown was the catalyst for the ban.

“With the lockdown, the impact of the noise and dust has really become a lot more extreme for the people in the Bondi area,” said Merten.

‘Bondi is a densely populated area (with) many people who live in residential blocks. Their only access to fresh air is opening windows – (with leaf blowers) you have a lot of noise and a lot of dust with not a huge amount of open space to spread it out without ending up in people’s homes.’ She told the news channel that.

Waverley Council employees use a combination of petrol and electric leaf blowers, and 32 petrol powered leaf blowers are currently in use.