Bond girl Eva Green refers to shooting on Alec Baldwin film Rust in High Court battle with producer

French film actress Eva Green referenced the fatal shooting of a cameraman on the set of Alec Baldwin’s film Rust, as she testified today before the Supreme Court in a multimillion-dollar legal battle.

The 42-year-old Casino Royale star was set to star in A Patriot, but production collapsed in October 2019.

She is suing production company White Lantern Film, claiming she is entitled to her $1 million (£810,000) fee for the abandoned project despite the cancellation. White Lantern, in turn, is filing a counterclaim against the French actress, claiming she undermined the production of the independent film.

During her testimony, Ms. Green referred to the on-set death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, who was killed when a prop gun owned by Alec Baldwin discharged in October 2021 during the filming of the western film Rust in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Eva Green arrives at the Rolls Building, London, for her High Court trial over payment for a shutter speed film project.

Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, Who Was Killed When A Prop Pistol Was Fired On Set In October 2021

As Evidence, Ms. Green Referred To A Fatal Shooting On The Set Of Alec Baldwin'S Film Rust

As evidence, Ms Green referred to a fatal shooting on the set of Alec Baldwin’s film Rust (right), in which cinematographer Halyna Hutchins (left) lost her life

Actress Eva Green Filming Near Tower Bridge For A Patriot - A Film She Was Slated To Star In Before Production Halted In October 2019

Actress Eva Green filming near Tower Bridge for A Patriot – a film she was slated to star in before production halted in October 2019

Ms Green told the London court that Mr Seal had reduced her stunt training for the film – in which she was to play a soldier – from four weeks to five days.

“You can’t make a quality film by cutting corners,” said Ms Green.

She continued, “Look at what happened to Alec Baldwin in the movie Rust, the producers were cutting corners, no safety precautions and a young woman was killed.”

In her written evidence to the court, Ms. Green said no personal training or stunt training had been arranged for her, despite her efforts to follow up with the production team.

She also said she “fell in love” with the film, in which she was cast as soldier Kate Jones, after reading writer and director Dan Pringle’s “brave and daring” script.

She said in her testimonial, “As I have said repeatedly, I fell deeply in love with this project – not just the role, but the message of the film.

“I couldn’t imagine abandoning the movie like it would have been to abandon my baby.

“It still feels that way.”

The actress denied allegations that she was unwilling to go through with the project, saying, “In my 20 years of making movies, I’ve never broken a contract or even missed a shooting day.”

The film would also feature Game Of Thrones star Charles Dance and Twister star Helen Hunt, with Oscar winner Kathy Bates attached to the film at one point.

Mr Pringle said the proposed budget had been reduced from the $10m (£8m) originally discussed with Ms Green to a lower estimate of €5.3m (£4.6m).

The French Actress, Who Played Vesper Lynd In The James Bond Thriller &Quot;Casino Royale,&Quot; Is Suing Producers For $1 Million In Compensation She Says She Owes &Quot;A Patriot.&Quot;

The French actress, who played Vesper Lynd in the James Bond thriller “Casino Royale,” is suing producers for $1 million in compensation she says she owes for “A Patriot.”

Bond Girl Eva Green, Pictured In Casino Royale With Daniel Craig, Is At The High Court In A Legal Battle Over The Demise Of A £4 Million Film Project

Bond girl Eva Green, pictured in Casino Royale with Daniel Craig, is at the High Court in a legal battle over the demise of a £4 million film project

White Lantern Films is defending the case and is filing a counterclaim against the French actress, claiming she made “unreasonable demands” and undermined the film’s production.

White Lantern’s Max Mallin KC previously claimed Ms. Green was “hostile” to a vision for the film from one of the film’s executive producers, Jake Seal.

The lawyer said that in conversations with her agent and the film’s director, Ms Green claimed that Mr Seal was planning to make a ‘cheap B movie’, describing him as ‘the devil’ and ‘evil’ and local crew members as ‘worthless farmers’. .. from Hampshire’.

Ms Green told the court she would “work with people who have no experience” under Mr Seal’s proposals.

Mr. Mallin said, “Fuck farmers. Should we interpret that as inexperienced?’

Mrs. Green replied, “I have nothing against farmers,” to which Mr. Mallin replied, “Hence the use of the word shitty.”

Producers Terry Bird (Left) And Jake Seal Were Credited In The Lyrics And Planned By Ms. Green

Producers Terry Bird (Left) And Jake Seal Were Credited In The Lyrics And Planned By Ms. Green

Producers Terry Bird (left) and Jake Seal were credited in the lyrics and planned by Ms. Green

Green During Filming In London In May 2021

Green during filming in London in May 2021

The French Actress (Pictured In 2021) Took To The Witness Stand To Testify In The Claim On Monday, The Third Day Of The London Trial

The French actress (pictured in 2021) took to the witness stand to testify in the claim on Monday, the third day of the London trial

The actress continued, “I have nothing against farmers.

“I didn’t want to work with a substandard crew. I wanted to work with a high quality crew who only wanted standard industry rates.’

In her written evidence, Ms Green apologized for “inappropriate language” and “some horrible things” she said in emails and texts in August and September 2019.

The court was later told that Mrs Green had sent a text suggesting that the film would be a ‘B-shitty movie’ under Mr Seal.

Ms. Green said, “I never wanted this to be a B movie, but towards the end I realized more that it was going to happen.”

She continued, “I thought we had these strange producers but a strong crew so we could still make something of good quality, but I was probably naive.”

Ms Green’s lawyer, Edmund Cullen KC, said the legal battle was ‘designed to portray my client as a diva in order to make headlines and damage her reputation’.

Mr Cullen later said the messages “should be seen in the context” of negotiations to buy the rights to the script.

Mr Cullen described the film as a ‘passion project’ and said the actress was ‘already bent over’ to make the film, but ‘the financial plan was never going to work’.

Mrs. Green expected to begin her testimony in the afternoon. The process continues.

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