Bodycam captures moment Oklahoma police lift mattress to reveal gun-wielding suspect

The Oklahoma City Police Department released dramatic bodycam footage that shows officers lifting up a mattress to reveal a hiding suspect armed with a loaded gun. 

The footage shows officers removing a mattress in a travel trailer and revealing Timothy Johnson, a wanted criminal from another state. 

It happened in rural McLoud (Oklahoma), southwest of Oklahoma City, at 10.25 a.m.

As the suspect fled, officers exchanged gunfire and ran to cover. Johnson, 38 years old, was ultimately killed by police.

On November 15, officers from the Oklahoma City Police Department removed a mattress from a trailer house to locate a wanted fugitive.

Timothy Johnson, 38, Had Been Hiding Out In The Storage Unit Under The Mattress For An Unknown Period Of Time Before Officers Discovered Him

Timothy Johnson (38), was found hiding under the mattress in a storage unit.

Just Seconds Before Gunfire Was Exchanged, The Officers Were Seen Investigating The Bedroom Of The Trailer

A few seconds after gunfire was exchanged officers were seen looking into the trailer’s bedroom. 

Law enforcement officials claim that Johnson was hiding in the trailer of Jennifer Garner in the 14000 block Iron Road.   

“Garner informed officers that there were no people in the trailer. She then gave officers permission to search the trailer and allowed the officers to enter,” Captain Valerie Littlejohn said in a video update.  

“Sammy, this police department.” In the footage, Officer Elisa McCoy can be heard saying “If you are here, you must make yourself known.” 

McCoy addressed Johnson, the officer whose bodycam footage was released. He called Johnson ‘Sammy’, an alias used the fugitive. 

After being informed that a suspect was in the house with an out-of state warrant, officers arrived on the scene. 

The officers observe the trailer from a distance and see a bed in the corner. They then enter the bedroom to examine it. 

Officers Had Searched The Trailer For Less Than Two Minutes Before Lifting Up The Mattress

The officers searched the trailer for two minutes, before lifting the mattress.

This Is The Gun Used By Johnson, The Suspect Who Was Shot And Killed During An Exchange Of Gunfire With Officers From The Oklahoma City Police Department

This is Johnson’s gun. He was killed in a gunfight with officers of the Oklahoma City Police Department.

After After less than two minutes searching the trailer, the two officers decide to remove the mattress from the top of a storage container. 

After lifting the mattress up, Officer McCoy spies Johnson and raises his weapon. He fires at least one round directly at McCoy. 

McCoy yells “gun”, and the officers throw Johnson’s mattress on top while they run toward the trailer’s end.

As an officer shouts out, “gun, he has got gun!” McCoy commands that McCoy call for backup with’shots fired’. 

This Is The Scene Just Outside Central Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Where A Wanted Fugitive Was Shot And Killed By Officer After Exchanging Gunfire

This is the scene in Oklahoma City where a wanted criminal was shot and killed.

After Shots Were Fired, A Tactical Unit Was Called To The Scene To Investigate

After After shots were fired, a tactical team was summoned to the scene to investigate.

The Tactical Scene Entered The Trailer After The Gunfire Was Exchanged And Found The Suspect Deceased

After the gunfire had been exchanged, the tactical scene entered the trailer and discovered the suspect dead.

Seconds later Officer McCoy is Officer David Mauck re-enter the property and yell:  ‘come out with your hands up.’ 

Johnson shoots multiple shots at the officers instead of leaving the bedroom. Muack is also injured. 

Muack was hit in the face with flying debris during gunfire. He He was released after being treated by medical personnel. 

Johnson was found dead under the mattress by a tactical unit. 

Captain Valerie Littlejohn Provided An Update On The Shooting In A Video Posted To The Police Department'S Facebook Acccount

Captain Valerie Littlejohn shared an update on the shooting via a Facebook video.

‘It was revealed that Garner knew Johnson was hiding within the trailer when she consented for a search. Officers were then allowed to enter the trailer and were attacked by the suspect’, Captain Littlejohn stated in the video. 

According to the law enforcement official, Garner was arrested on a complaint of harboring a fugitive.

Officer Mauck and Sergeant Cody Rodgers were both placed on administrative leave while officials investigate. 

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