Body scrub Frank Body which claims to soothe dry hands and fight body acne is back in stock

After selling out in five days, this body scrub that claims to combat skin problems and dry hands is back in stock

  • Frank Body sold out of its new $25 Glycolic Body Scrub within five days of launch
  • It is a dual-purpose chemical and physical exfoliant that smoothens the skin.
  • The scrub has restored confidence to those suffering from acne on their bodies

Australian beauty brand body scrub sold out in five days after launch. Now, the product has been restocked just prior to Christmas. Customers are eager to grab a tub.

Frank Body introduced its $25 Glycolic Body Scrub to the masses earlier this year as a dual chemical and physical exfoliant – helping customers to say goodbye to KP, breakouts, bumps and dryness.

This powerful formula leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and soft. It also contains glycolic acid to remove pores and exfoliating pumice that buffs it all off. 

Frank Body’s $25 Glycolic Body Scrub was introduced to the masses earlier in the year by Frank Body. It is a dual chemical exfoliant and physical exfoliant. This allows customers to say goodbye KP, dryness, bumps, and dryness.

The Powerful Formula Works To Leave Your Skin Mind-Blowingly Soft And Smooth, With Glycolic Acid To Clear Out Pores And Exfoliating Pumice To Buff It All Away

This powerful formula will leave your skin soft and smooth. It contains glycolic acid to clean pores and exfoliating mica to buff it all off.

When the brand restocked its top-selling scrubs on Thursday, eager shoppers waited patiently.  

‘The scrub you sold in five days is BACK. Send an email blast, message the group chat, or call your mom. Click on the “To Score Me Before I’m Gone Again” button in their Instagram post.

Customers with dry hands or body acne can feel confident again after using the scrub. Many users report a significant and positive improvement to their skin.

The product contains a dynamic duo of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) that gobble up the top layer of skin cells, including impurities, pollution, and congestion that gather there. 

The Product Contains A Dynamic Duo Of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (Ahas) That Gobble Up The Top Layer Of Skin Cells, Including Impurities, Pollution, And Congestion That Gather There

The product contains a dynamic pair of Alpha Hydroxy Acids. These AHAs eat up the top layer skin cells, as well as any impurities and pollution.

It Also Has Pumice - A Gentle And Effective Exfoliator Made From Ground Volcanic Stone - Witch Hazel And Niacinamide

It also contains pumice, a gentle exfoliator made of ground volcanic stone – witchhazel and niacinamide.

It also contains pumice, a gentle exfoliator made of ground volcanic stone, witch hazel, and niacinamide.

One customer wrote that her skin feels amazing after using the glycolic scrub for a few months in conjunction with the AHA body cream.

“I have really bad KP on the upper arms and I have seen huge improvements. The scrub has a light chemical smell, but nothing overwhelming. This is to expect from a chemical exfoliant without fragrance. 

The volcanic ash texture is gentle on the skin. One tub can easily cover your entire body with a little product, so it could last you for a few months.

'I Have Been Using The Glycolic Scrub For A Few Weeks Now In Conjunction With The Aha Body Lotion And My Skin Feels Wonderful,' One Customer Wrote

One customer wrote that she has been using the glycolic scrub for several weeks in conjunction with the AHA body cream and her skin feels amazing.

“I’ve been searching for a glycolic scrub, and then you brought it out and then it sold right away !!!’. Another replied.

“And it keeps selling out. This was what happened to me when I discovered the vitamin C mask. It was always selling out. It’s always selling out.

A third user added: “Loving it, it really is smoothing my skin and treating those random bouts body acne. I use an AHA for my skin, but it’s great to have one for my body.

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