Body-positive advocate Katie Sturino summons media outlet to celebrate Karlie Kloss’s post-baby weight loss: ‘Do better’

Katie Sturino calls on the media to “do it better” after Karlie Kloss is celebrated for the “comeback” of her abs. (Photo: Getty Images)

Katie Sturino — the founder of MegaBabe Beauty and author of Body language – speaks out about recent headlines around Karlie Kloss’s post-baby body, using the hashtag #WeightIsntNews to discourage outlets from praising the new mom for losing weight.

Sturino became popular through her blog titled The 12-esque style where she created the viral hashtags #MakeMySize and #SuperSizeTheLook in an effort to make fashion more inclusive. But after years of criticizing brands, working with them, and even creating her own brands to better represent women, Sturino is now using her platform to encourage media companies to focus less on the female body. In her most recent post, she mentions Page Six’s coverage of Kloss.

“Do it better, media. We don’t have to talk about new moms this way,” Sturino said in a screenshot of an Instagram post that said the model has “something to laugh about” as her abs make a “comeback.” made after giving birth to her first child in March. “You don’t have to have a tight tummy five months after you have a baby. That’s not something we need as a headline or a story or something we even need to talk about. Better do it.”

Sturino continued her comment in the post’s caption, writing: “This has nothing to do with @karliekloss being a beautiful woman. This is about the way we talk about women’s bodies in the media and the subtle way we see new moms. disgrace.”

Hundreds of people took to Sturino’s comments section to agree with her and to share their gratitude for bringing the publication’s controversial caption to the fore.

“Yes girl! We are more than our weight and how thin we get thin after the birth of a baby! This is not newsworthy!” one person wrote. Another commented, “I would think giving life to another human being is reason enough to smile. Abs be damned.”

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A follower pointed out that it was Kloss himself who shared a video from the gym and showed excitement about the muscle tension. “Oh hey ABS! I’m excited to see you here. I’ve worked hard for you,” the model wrote on her Instagram story a week ago.

While it may have been exciting for her, Sturino and her followers say it’s still not headline worthy. “It’s boring. Our whole society places WAY too much emphasis on physical appearance,” one commented. “We don’t need this tired old storyline anymore!!!”

People also took to Page Six’s Instagram account to directly respond to the after. “This is GROSS. Thanks for perpetuating body image stress in new moms. Shame on you!” noted one person. Another wrote: “You missed the mark with this one.”