Body of a second teenager taken from the Swan River in Perth after the police pursuit

SBS News

The body of a second teenager has been recovered from the Swan River in Perth as he continues to search for other teenagers after they jumped into the water to avoid the police.

Police divers retrieved the child's body around 9:45 a.m. Tuesday, more than nine hours after the body of the first child was taken out of the water.

The tragedy follows a chase that began mid-afternoon on Monday when officers responded to reports that young people were jumping fences in Maylands.

Two teenagers were detained, but the search began around 3:30 pm amid concerns that one, or more, might still be in the water.

The police are working to identify the dead teenagers and notify relatives.

The Maylands boat ramp on Clarkson Road, Maylands, and its parking lot are closed.

The water police remain in place, as well as the mounted police officers and the air wing.