Body discovered in Alderley apartment building basement car park revealed as female

A body was found beneath an apartment building. Neighbors reveal the disturbing comments a resident made.

  • Police remain at the site where partially buried human remains were discovered
  • Cleaners made a grim discovery in a locked room behind a better block wall.
  • To hide the smell, wrap remains in cloth and bedding.
  • Detectives stated that the investigation would likely be complicated and long.
  • It was discovered that the body of a woman was found in forensic examinations on Friday 

Detectives have discovered that a body was partially buried in a basement carpark at a Brisbane apartment building. It is reportedly dated to a female.

The grim discovery was made by cleaners from Alderley on Wednesday at 10.45 AM in a locked section behind an improved block wall. 

Queensland Police reported that “forensic examinations…have confirmed the deceased to have been female,” on Friday.

One neighbour said that he was able to recall a fiery argument that police were investigating. 

Allan Batzloff, a resident, said that he recalls a heated argument between two men at the complex a few months ago.

Mr Batzloff said that he had heard some threats made to someone months ago.

 Detectives in homicide remain on the scene after a partially buried body was discovered under a unit complex located in Brisbane’s north

The Complex Car Park Remained Cordoned Off On Thursday Hours After The Grim Discovery Of 'Tightly Wrapped' Human Remains

The complex car park was kept closed on Thursday after the grim discovery that ‘tightly wrapped” human remains had been found. 

“I don’t know what kind of relationship it was, but a man said, “I’m going to get my punishment, I’m going to get you,” that sorta thing.

Mr Batzloff described the whole incident as ‘a bit disturbing’.

“I didn’t think much of it at that time until yesterday.” The police have asked me to explain a little more about what happened.

Scott Morton, another resident, stated that the building’s inhabitants were shaken by discovery.

Amanda Early, the regular cleaner of the building, said that she had not heard anything suspicious and felt ‘devastated for the contracted cleaners’ who found the body while cleaning a larger area. 

They are said to be traumatised and upset by the shocking discovery.

Queensland Police confirmed that the post-mortem would continue Friday as the crime scene was examined. 

The Cleaners Were Traumatised By The Grim Discovery Of Partially Buried Human Remains (Pictured, Police At The Alderley Complex)

The cleaners were traumatised by the grim discovery of partially buried human remains (pictured, police at the Alderley complex)

Already, forensic samples from the scene were sent for urgent testing. This includes fingerprint analysis from a number items.

Investigators continue to review various missing persons reports.

Andrew Massingham, Detective Superintendent, said that it was “quite concerning” that the body went unnoticed for “some months”.

He said that the occurrence was not known to a large number of people.

He said that residents of the unit block did not report any smells or other suspicions, and that the body was’very tightly wrapped’ and had been covered in clothing and bedding.

Officers are trying to identify the victim and the circumstances that led to their death.

Detectives are currently seeking information from former tenants. An investigation centre for Operation Uniform Pepperina was set up at the Hendra station.

He said, “Whoever has placed the person there have tried to conceal the body quite unsuccessfully,”

They took great care to wrap the body in a certain way and keep it safe. They have also taken it to an unreachable area.

Cleaners Were Upset And Traumatised By The Shocking Discovery (Pictured Police At The Scene)

 The shocking discovery shocked and traumatized cleaners (pictured police on the scene).

“Whether they intended to leave it there or come and get them at a later time is part of what will be looked at.

Superintendent Massingham stated that police would need to take some time to complete their investigation.

He stated that “These types of homicide investigation can be complexed and long.”

“We currently have dozens missing persons reports that are being processed at the Hendra station.

Police are also interviewing residents at the complex and want to speak with former residents.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact police immediately.

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