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‘Bob Fosse’s Dancin’ to Close on Broadway May 14


Dancin’ by Bob Fosse is the first victim of the Tony Awards.

The musical revue revival, which opened on Broadway on March 23, announced Tuesday night that it would play its final performance at the Music Box Theater on May 14. The closing message comes after the show failed to receive any Tony Award nominations Tuesday morning and has seen dwindling box office numbers.

dancing is directed by Wayne Cilento, one of the stars of the original Broadway production, and produced in collaboration with Nicole Fosse, daughter of the legendary choreographer. The cast consists of more than 20 dancers, building on classic Fosse numbers, such as Mr Boyangles And Sing Sing Singalong the lines of the original 1978 revue.

The show recently saw a recession at the box office. In the most recent week ending April 30, dancing played at 48 percent capacity and grossed $386,970, below typical running costs for a show of this size. The previous week also played at low capacity, at 57 percent.

These were both a setback from previous weeks, when the show played at 70 percent capacity and grossed more than $550,000. However, due to Tuesday’s results, the show no longer had the option of Tony nominations, or a Tony win, to support its grossing and potentially create box office momentum. Closures usually follow the Tony nominations, as well as the Tony Awards.

Future plans for dancing will be announced later.

Joey Parnes, who also produced KPOP is the main producer of Dancin’ this season. The creative team includes scenic design by Robert Brill, costume design by Reid Bartelme and Harriet Jung; lighting design by David Grill, sound design by Peter Hylenski and video design by Finn Ross.

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