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Bo Jackson jokes he ‘smelled the a** of a porcupine’ to end 10-month case of HICCUPS


Football and baseball legend Bo Jackson jokes he ‘sniffed a porcupine’s ass’ to try to end 10-month case of HICCUPS and will now undergo a medical procedure to (hopefully) cure his nightmare

  • Bo Jackson has been suffering from persistent hiccups for an incredible 10 months
  • The 60-year-old has tried everything to make them disappear
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Bo Jackson is about to undergo a medical procedure to cure his 10-month case of hiccups — and joked there’s not much he wouldn’t try to get rid of.

The 60-year-old says the problem first started last July and that he has tried all conventional and unconventional methods to make them go away – to no avail.

“I’m having a medical procedure done at the end of this week, I think, to try and fix it,” Jackson told the McElroy and Cubelic podcast.

“I am busy in the hospital with the doctors poking me, shining lights down my throat, examining me every way they can to find out why I have these hiccups.

“I’ve done everything – scare me, drink water upside down, smell a porcupine’s ass, it doesn’t work.”

Bo Jackson is about to undergo a medical procedure to cure his 10-month case of hiccups

The problem even caused Jackson to miss Frank Thomas when he entered the Hall of Fame in April.

“I wasn’t there (at the Frank Thomas ceremony) because of the hiccups,” he added. “That’s the only reason I wasn’t there.”

Jackson had an incredible career as an athlete. He played college football as a running back for the Auburn Tigers and won the Heisman Trophy in 1985.

He played for the Los Angeles Raiders, but a dislocated hip ended his football career in 1991.

So he switched to baseball in 1986 with the Kansas City Royals, the then defending World Series champions.

Jackson also played for the Chicago White Sox and the California Angels and had a total of eight seasons in baseball.

Hiccups usually last a few minutes, but prolonged episodes may be a symptom of an underlying problem.

One of the longest recorded hiccups belonged to an Iowa man named Charles Osborne — his 68-year hiccup was even confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Osborne thought he thought it happened when he fell on a farm in Nebraska in 1922 and hit his head.

“I hung a 350-pound pig to butcher it,” Osborne told People in 1982. “I picked it up and then fell down. I didn’t feel anything, but the doctor later said I had broken a pin-sized blood vessel in my brain (which hindered his response to the hiccups).’

Osborne died in 1991 when he was 97 years old. A childhood friend said Osborne would hiccup “three or four times a minute.”

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