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‘Bloodhounds’ trailer reveals thrilling battle scenes in Netflix’s latest Korean series


Two aspiring boxers come face to face with an entire underworld of ruthless gangsters in the first trailer for Netflix’s latest high-octane action series. Bloodhounds. (See the trailer below)

The series stars Woo Do-hwan (The divine fury, The King: Eternal Monarch) and Lee Sang-yi (Again, Residence Cha-Cha-Cha) as two up-and-coming boxers who find themselves in the ruthless world of loan sharks. After seeing how these mobsters prey on the financially desperate, they decide to team up with a benevolent retired moneylender (Huh Joon-ho — Silmido, Escape from Mogadishu) to take down the underworld’s most ruthless loan shark, played by Park Sung-woong (New world, the deal), and are relentless runners.


According to the series logline, Bloodhounds The eight-episode first season, which kicks off June 9, “promises to deliver a series of thrilling battle sequences that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats. But more than just a nail-biting confrontation between good and evil, it’s a story of two loyal friends – and the lengths they would go to to protect those they love.

The series is directed by self-taught Korean filmmaker Jason Kim (Midnight runners, The divine fury) and produced for Netflix by Korean production banners Studio N, See AT Film and Seven O Six.

The title references the tenacity and determination of the series’ two underdog boxers who were honed in the fighting ring, which could prove to be the game-changer in their bloody street brawls. Netflix says, “Like bloodhounds, once they bite, they never let go.”

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