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Blizzard Announces It Will Immortalize the First 1,000 Players to Reach Level 100 in Diablo 4 Hardcore Mode


Today, Blizzard officially announced that the first 1,000 players to reach Diablo 4’s Harcore Level 100 will be rewarded with a huge reward to immortalize their names by adding them to the Statue of Lillith.

The announcement came via the Diablo series’ Twitter account, and the company tweeted:

Do you think you can cheat death?

Reach Level 100 in Hardcore mode and tweet #Diablo4Hardcore with proof of level 100 to immortalize your name on the Statue of Lillith, for the first 1,000 players only.

Hardcore mode for those who don’t know it puts players at the highest risk of all, as the death of one character will permanently delete that character, which is why this competition is intended for seasoned Diablo players who have a long history with this famous mode.

The competition officially kicks off on June 1 with the launch of Diablo 5 for early access, and ends when the first 1,000 names are collected or by September 1 if the number of players who have reached level 100 has not reached the specified number by this date.

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