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Birth certificate: young woman shocked to discover her name isn’t actually Gabrielle

Young woman shocked after finding out her name isn’t actually Gabrielle: ‘I saw it when I saw my birth certificate’

  • The young woman’s legal name is ‘Babrielle’
  • She is known as Gabrielle, the intended name

A young woman has revealed that she was shocked and confused when she discovered her real name at the age of 15.

It wasn’t until she needed her birth certificate for something that the young woman, who thought her name was Gabrielle Mayor, realized she was very different.

Instead of ‘Gabrielle’, her birth certificate listed ‘Babrielle’ as her legal name.

This ‘changed everything’, as she joked that she might have to go from ‘Gabby’ to ‘Baby’ when she was out with friends.

The young woman, who is from New York City, admits that her “life is pretty crazy” and name confusion is just part of it.

Gabrielle Mayor realized her name was listed as ‘Babrielle’ on her birth certificate when she was 16 years old.

She rolled her eyes when he explained the mistake.

“Thinking about how my parents made a typo on my birth certificate and I didn’t find out until I was 15 that my real name is actually Babrielle,” she said.

But people were interested in the clerical error.

“Babrielle, though, gets tough,” said one woman.

While another said she would love the name and choose to be called ‘Babs’ or ‘Barbie’ ‘for life’.

Others shared their own stories of typos on birth certificates.

‘You’re definitely not alone, I didn’t find out until I was 40,’ said one woman.

“My name was Aslhey instead of Ashley for 20 years,” said another.

Some had completely different names on their certificates.

People said they liked the name, even though it was a typo, and that it should be called 'Babs' or Barbie.

People said they liked the name, even though it was a typo, and that it should be called ‘Babs’ or Barbie.

‘At 16 I found out the birth certificate had ‘Tracy’ on it. My name is Valorie,’ said a woman.

My friend’s legal name was girl Williams because her name was not decided at the time. Until she was like 12 years old,’ explained another.

While another said that the same thing happened to his mother and that she “had to change it herself when she was 20 years old.”

Other awkward mix-ups were also revealed.

“We had to ask for my birth certificate to get my nose pierced and it says FATHER: Sarah MOTHER: Jake,” one woman laughed.

‘My mom forgot how to spell Brianna thanks to the epidural and now my middle name is Brieanne. she took me 12 years to learn how to spell it,’ one laughed.

The conversation happened on TikTok, where Gabby’s video has been viewed 2.9 million times.

Other birth certificate mixups revealed

Birth name: Brieanne – supposed to be: Brianna

Birth name: Tracy – always called: Valorie

Birth name: Aslhey – supposed to be: Ashley

Birth name: Sanya – supposed to be: Sonya

Birth name: Darline – supposed to be: Darlene