Birmingham fans rage on the Blues Collective supporters’ group over an offensive banner


‘How dare they put our badge on a racist message!’: Birmingham fans rage against the Blues Collective supporters group for putting up an offensive banner in protest at the club’s owners

  • Birmingham fans started a new protest against CEO Xuandong Ren
  • Banners displayed in Blackburn for the last game of the season on Saturday
  • The Blues Collective supporters group denied that any of the banners was racist
  • Championship club said it was “undoubtedly racist” and had notified police

A protest by Birmingham fans against the club’s owners on Saturday resulted in a spectacular own goal.

The Blues Collective supporters’ group put up banners in Blackburn for the final championship of the season – but one has been outright condemned as racist, with the message: ‘Som Ting Wong, It’s Called Dong’.

The banner – made in reference to Blues top executive Xuandong Ren – has received a backlash from the club and angry supporters, calling it “disgusting,” but the fan group denied accusations of racism.

Birmingham has convicted a fan group after rolling out an offensive banner in Blackburn

The supporters group of the Blues Collective denied after a backlash that this banner was racist

The supporters group of the Blues Collective denied after a backlash that this banner was racist

One fan tweeted: ‘How dare Blues Collective think this shit is okay. How dare they put our badge on their racist message! ‘

Another supporter said, “Well done. You have completely discredited all the work you have done.

The result is racist banners representing one of the most diverse fan bases in English football. This is gross.

“I want Dong out of our club, but this is not the way to do it.”

A third said, “As a Birmingham City fan, I absolutely hate racist banners.”

Disgruntled fans have called for the removal of Birmingham CEO Xuandong Ren

Disgruntled fans have called for the removal of Birmingham CEO Xuandong Ren

In response, the Blues Collective tweeted, ‘Breaking news: 2nd banner is loved in Blackburn and not considered racist anyway … by the police

“Buy hey, only BCFC fans can take offense … while being treated like mugs by people they are targeting.”

More banners were put up in the area around Ewood Park.

One delivered the message, ‘Dong and Co – you are not fit for purpose – you ruined our club! Mismanagement and no trust! ‘

While a second read, “We are 100% behind Bowyer and the team! As for Xuandong Ren, that’s up to them to say! “

Another banner near the stadium carried the message: “We are 100% behind the men’s and women’s teams! In the together – we’ll still be there if Xuandong Ren and Co aren’t! “

Birmingham’s dismal season ended with a 5-2 defeat. Head coach Lee Bowyer was not present for ‘family reasons’.

In a statement, Birmingham said: ‘One of these banners was undoubtedly racist.

‘This is unacceptable.

While the Club will defend and respect the right of supporters to protest and be heard, racism in any form directed against anyone will not be tolerated.

In recent weeks, the club has taken a particularly strong stand by supporting the anti-racism movement in football.

Last month, the club staged another seven-day social media blackout to combat in-game abuse.

We then joined the rest of the Premier League and other EFL clubs in a second boycott of social media platforms to reiterate our position.

To be clear, there is no room for racism at Birmingham City Football Club.

We believe the vast majority of our supporters will share our dislike for the banner’s coverage, and those responsible for it do not represent our fan base.

“The police have been notified of the incident and the club will offer our assistance to the authorities.”