Billy Joe Saunders took to social media for quitting Canelo Alvarez in Texas again


‘He talked so much s *** just to stop on his stool’: Social media knocks Billy Joe Saunders down for failing to make it to the ninth round against Canelo Alvarez despite his suspected broken eye socket after being caught by a brutal uppercut

  • Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez defeated Billy Joe Saunders with a brutal round 8 stoppage
  • Saunders is said to have been left with a broken eye socket after the fight
  • Fans quickly flocked to social media by the thousands to comment
  • Saunders is beaten for ‘talking s ***’ only to ‘hold up on his crutch’

It didn’t take long for the boxing world to respond after Mexican maestro Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez made light work of Billy Joe Saunders to become the unified middleweight champion of the world.

After setting up a spectacle, Canelo sent Saunders with the 8th round TKO to add the WBO belt to his roster and prove his credentials as the best pound-for-pound puncher in the world.

When news came that he was heading to the hospital in the aftermath of the fight, promoter Eddie Hearn said, “His team refused to let him continue and it looks like his eye socket is broken.”

Billy Joe Saunders was quickly criticized online after losing to Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez

There was a crowd of 73,000 fans at the AT&T Stadium in Texas when Canelo won a new tie

There was a crowd of 73,000 fans at the AT&T Stadium in Texas when Canelo won a new tie

But despite Saunders doing his best, the social media world was largely unimpressed by the way his team called time for the game.

Team Saunders threw in the towel while their husband was still on his stool, with fans immediately using this as a reason to snipe at the British star.

One Twitter user wrote simply, “Billy Joe Saunders talked so much s *** just to stop on his stool.”

Some fans were clearly unimpressed with the way Saunders announced the possibility of an upset, but then failed to go the distance with the Mexican.

Other views were considered slightly more. Another fan concluded, ‘There has been quite a bit of criticism from Billy Joe Saunders on the timeline, and that’s fair enough. But I want to make this distinction: Despite whatever you think of him as a person, as a boxer he is also a total baby who stopped as soon as he suffered a setback. ‘

While another added more ruthlessly, ‘Canelo landed a peach from an uppercut. Timing takes precedence over speed and he made that bum stop Billy Joe Saunders on his crutch. ‘

The theme quickly became consistent, with user @HintsMarcs musing, ‘Well, talk Billy Joe Saunders but stop on his stool, not a real champ.’

Things weren’t helped with current heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury weighing his views on the showdown ahead of the first bell.

The iconic Fury had told Sportsmail, “Billy Joe is not going to duck, dive and dodge this time. He will shock the world by winning and the way he does it.

He’ll come out, stand his ground, and put that left-handed prick on Canelo over and over again. Bang Bang Bang. ‘

After Saunders broke Fury’s bills, some fans took the opportunity to message the ‘Gypsy King’ himself to make his fateful appeal that his countryman would do the business and win a shock.

When Saunders didn't come back to fight on the ninth round, Canelo got a win recorded as a TKO

When Saunders didn’t come back to fight on the ninth round, Canelo got a win recorded as a TKO

One fan wondered: ‘@Tyson_Fury Yo what was Saunders going to teach Canelo in boxing? How early to stop? A boxing lesson? True?’

It didn’t take long for the entire fight itself to receive meme treatment online, with social media users mocking the images of the two fighters during the match.

A fan put Canelo’s face on the body of the all-powerful supervillain Thanos of the wondrous cinematic universe, after claiming the only belt he needed from Saunders to become the unified ruler of all.