Billy Joe Saunders’ comments where he hit Daniel Dubois for quitting his job against Joe Joyce haunt him


More shame for Billy Joe Saunders as his criticism of Daniel Dubois stopping against Joe Joyce haunts him – after Brit said he’d rather DIE than retire, only to do that to Canelo Alvarez

  • Billy Joe Saunders chose not to continue after being caught by Canelo Alvarez
  • Saunders was caught with a brutal right and may have broken his orbital bone
  • Last year, Saunders was outspoken after Daniel Dubois put in a similar situation
  • Saunders said he would never bow to a fight, even if his ‘brain was beaten’

Billy Joe Saunders’ words have come back to haunt him today, following his brutal knockout defeat by Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez.

A year ago, Saunders was very boisterous after Daniel Dubois bowed to Joe Joyce over a serious threat to his eyesight, saying he would continue even if he had ‘two broken eye sockets’, and insisted that he would rather’ on my went back ‘. with my wrist stopped. ‘

Now, however, the shoe is on the other side after Saunders was relentlessly defeated by the mighty Mexican Canelo and chose not to continue after the eighth round.

Canelo proved too much for the British star in their Texas showdown, with Saunders retiring on his stool for ninth after taking a poisonous right hand to the head.

Saunders was rocked and bowed out of the WBO, WBA, WBC unification showdown with Canelo after his team thought he couldn’t move forward, and now fans are taking the time to remind the Hertfordshire-born boxer of a statement he said after Dubois quit in the bell Joyce again last year.

Billy Joe Saunders stopped in the eighth round against Canelo Alvarez with an eye injury

Last year, Saunders was critical after Daniel Dubois bowed to Joe Joyce

Dubois broke his orbital bone and temporarily lost his sight during the fight

Last year, Saunders was critical after Daniel Dubois bowed to Joe Joyce

Saunders had spoken out on Dubois’ decision not to continue in the ring to save his eyesight, and insisted that if it had been him, the fight would have continued no matter what.

Dubois sustained a broken eye socket – the same injury Saunders is expected to have sustained from Canelo’s uppercut – and fell to one knee after temporarily losing his vision.

Dubois chose to put his health first and bow out of the fray, sparking a passionate response from Saunders.

At the time, Saunders said DAZN’s AK & Barak show: ‘If my two eye sockets were broken, my jaw was broken, my teeth were out, my nose was broken, my brain was beaten, I wouldn’t stop until I got knocked out or worse. I disagree with a guy taking the knee and making the referee count.

Fighters step into that ring and we know what’s on the line. Every fighter has to understand and the fans have to understand that.

‘In the past we have seen many tragedies in boxing, deaths in the ring. Before getting on one knee, I would like to get on my back with my wrist stopped. ‘

Now, after he fell through against Canelo, Saunders is sharply reminded of these comments by fans and criticized as a result.

A fan called Saunders on social media and wrote, ‘Saunders knew he was going to be split up in the next round.

Dubois and Brook fought on like warriors. Getting injured while boxing is the nature of the sport. BJS stopped on his stool, not a gypsy warrior like his buddy Tyson. Also the biggest fight of his life. Disappoint.’

Another added, ‘Let’s hope he’ thinks twice before moving on to others from now on #CaneloSaunders. ‘

Dubois himself, however, refused to get involved in a war of words and even went on to share his thoughts on Saunders on social media after the defeat.

He wrote: ‘You fought well @bjsaunders_ hope your eyes come up soon and you can become a stronger champion.’