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Billionaire David Geffen’s New ‘Husband’ Is A Former Go-Go Dancer With A ‘Super Secret’ Past


Billionaire David Geffen’s new husband is rumored to have a “super-secretive” past with numerous name changes and a career as a go-go dancer.

Donovan Michaels, 30, is said to have met the 80-year-old when he served as his personal trainer in 2020, but now his former friends have come forward to tell conflicting stories about his past — including online cam shows, nude pool parties at gay clubs and ambiguous descriptions of his sexual preferences.

He and Geffen – who is worth around $9 billion – reportedly got married last month in a private ceremony in Beverly Hills. The pair were spotted arriving together at a New York City helipad in April, with Geffen wearing a gold wedding ring on his finger.

It was unclear if Michaels also wore a wedding ring. The couple has not publicly acknowledged a marriage.

Geffen made his fortune as a co-founder of DreamWorks and as a record executive. Michaels’ career has consisted of stringing together odd jobs while socializing in NYC modeling circles, sources said The New York Post.

Donovan Michaels shows off his abs as he poses with a drag queen. Michaels reportedly worked as a go-go dancer in Florida gay clubs around 2014

Michaels was born in a small Michigan town named David Armstrong, a friend told The Post and said he came from “very humble beginnings” in a family of 13 children.

He changed his name to Brandon Foster by the time he moved to Florida in 2014 and started working as a dancer and promoter in gay clubs in Miami.

Friends told The Post that he was often spotted “along with a host of other hot sexy guys” attending “clothing-optional” pool parties.

His social media posts include numerous shirtless photos showing off his fit body, including one from that year that said he’d be “camming a little tonight.” He noted that he would do that for paying customers “put on a good show.”

Sometime between 2016 and 2017, he moved to New York City and started at Donovan Michaels.

An ex-girlfriend said she only knew he dated women, but she “wouldn’t be surprised” if he dated men.

I mean, he’s very attractive,” she told The Post. “He would tell me people just assumed he was into guys because of what he posts on Instagram.”

“I know he got comments like that from gay people, that he was very attractive and in very good shape.”

A friend of Michael’s said he wouldn’t be surprised if he married Geffen, noting that he was “always looking for his next adventure and really determined to make his life better.”

A modeling consultant remembered Michaels as a talented model in a photoshoot in 2016

A modeling consultant remembered Michaels as a talented model in a photoshoot in 2016

Michaels showing off his abs, one of many raunchy photos found on his social media

Michaels showing off his abs, one of many raunchy photos found on his social media

Another friend said Michaels was “super secretive” about his life.

“It took me a while to really get to know him because he was very private about his past,” they told The Post, adding that he “always looking for something to help him understand his past and what he’s been through.”

“I think he rebelled a lot when he was younger, and that was a big part of why he left.”

A modeling consultant recalled working with Michaels in 2016 saying he was a “great model” but was not selected for further work.

“One thing I noticed was that he was really into training and fitness, but as for modelling, I haven’t seen him in years… and we work with a lot of different brands,” they told The Post.

In December, Geffen shared a photo of herself with Michaels on a boat with the caption “Merry Christmas!” but deleted it several hours later.

The mogul’s social media has since gone private.

Michaels is said to have met Geffen while working as his personal trainer on his yacht

Michaels has worked as a model and trainer

Michaels is said to have met Geffen while working as his personal trainer on his yacht

When knowz.com reported the rumored marriage last month, a source was quoted as saying that “David has loved Donovan for a while and they were talking about taking the next step together.”

“David has waited a long time to find the right partner, and Donovan is definitely the one,” the source said. “David and Donovan chose a simple yet special ceremony to mark their union, and they were surrounded by close family and friends.”

Geffen came out as gay in 1992 after years of being associated with a string of well-known women, including Cher.

Earlier in his storied career, Geffen founded Asylum Records, which signed musical sensations like Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and the Eagles. He later founded Geffen Records, which went on to release the work of artists such as Elton John, Cher, Aerosmith, Blink-182, Guns N’ Roses and Nirvana.

Together with Jeffrey Katzenberg and Steven Spielberg, Geffen founded DreamWorks in the 1990s.

Michaels did not respond to requests for comment from DailyMail.com.

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