Bill Gates and Elizabeth Warren tweet about wealth inequality

Bill Gates and Elizabeth Warren tweet to each other – and it seems that they may soon have an IRL conversation.


But first let's go back to why they are @ -ing each other. The co-founder of Microsoft was interviewed yesterday The New York TimesDealBook conference. The very first CNBC host Andrew Ross Sorkin asked Gates was his position against Warren & # 39; s proposed 6 percent wealth tax on billionaires, which is designed to help Medicare for All pay.

As part of his response, he discusses how a wealth tax might affect him, and whether he has ever met Elizabeth Warren:

His remark about paying more than $ 10 billion in taxes can only be described as a tax flex (he seemed to be kidding, but perhaps not really). And he didn't seem sure Warren would sit with him.

Here's one video of his comments, with the tweeted quotes coming in just after the six minutes:

Well, Elizabeth Warren last night tweeted to say that she would really like to discuss her wealth tax with Gates:

And this morning, Gates tweeted back – although he does not entirely agree to meet. But he sounds at least interested in having some sort of conversation with Warren to discuss how to combat wealth inequality:


So it doesn't seem like the Elizabeth Warren Bill Gates Wealth Inequality Beer Summit Extravaganza will happen soon – but maybe the two will talk soon. Because they are already chatting on Twitter, they might just keep tweeting back and forth, because that is something a democratic candidate and one of the richest men in the world will do in 2019.