Bill Cosby accuses AIG of destroying his family & # 39; after the company has established itself with model Chloe Goins

Bill Cosby accuses AIG of destroying his family & # 39; while he is behind bars after the insurer has established himself with model Chloe Goins to prevent the convicted sex offender from being deposed

  • Bill Cosby provoked his insurance company after they learned they agreed with his accused Chloe Goins
  • She had filed a lawsuit in which she accused the disgraced actor, 81, of sexually abusing her at a Playboy party in 2008
  • & # 39; AIG continues to show that they are complicit in this plan to destroy me and my family & # 39 ;, said the actor
  • learned a few weeks ago from AIG that Goins and lawyer Spencer Kuvin made an offer
  • That offer fell on Kuvin's heels and claimed that she had acquired ties to parties at Playboy Mansion and before Cosby & # 39; s scheduled deposition.

Bill Cosby brought a blistering statement from behind bars on Tuesday after learning his insurance company had agreed to settle down with a woman who accused the shameful actor of sexual abuse of her in 2008 at Playboy Mansion.

Chloe Goins and her lawyer have signed an agreement with AIG, whereby learned that the former model and her lawyer Spencer Kuvin had received an offer from the insurance company a few weeks ago.

That offer came just before Cosby, 81, was to be dropped off at the store and four months after Kuvin announced he was in possession of tires made at Playboy Mansion at some of Hugh Hefner's famous parties.

Goins claimed in court documents that she had met Cosby at one of those parties, claiming that the actor gave her something to drink and that she woke up and noticed that he is biting her toes with his pants around his ankles.

& # 39; Madam. Goins is satisfied with the arrangement, & K39in said in a brief statement to

When asked to comment further, he politely declined.

Bill Cosby

Chloe Goins

Chloe Goins

Civil settlement: Bill Cosby (left in March 2018) provoked his insurance company after being informed that he agreed with his accuser Chloe Goins (in 2017)

& # 39; AIG & # 39; s behavior is & # 39; despicable & # 39; and I can only imagine how terribly they treat their policyholders who do not have my means and my means, & # 39; Cosby stated in a statement.

& # 39; It was proven by the Los Angeles police that I was not at the Playboy Mansion on that date and not in the state of California. The alleged girlfriend of this woman confirmed that she made up this story by denying that they knew her and, more importantly, denying that they were visiting the Playboy Mansion with her. & # 39;

Cosby then turned to AIG, who had previously settled a lawsuit against him in Massachusetts.

& # 39; AIG continues to act flagrantly by settling these horrific claims without my knowledge and / or consent; and AIG continues to show that they are complicit in this plan to destroy me and my family, & the actor said.

& # 39; I encourage all AIG policyholders to drop this pathetic insurance company quickly before they destroy you and your family. Mrs Goins' trial should never have continued and I will continue to pursue my claims against her. Thank you very much. & # 39;

Cosby & # 39; s spokesperson Anrew Wyatt added: & # 39; AIG ignored the fact that the prosecutor in Los Angeles discovered that & # 39; there is no evidence to support Mrs Goins' allegation against Mr Cosby, which resulted from events allegedly occurring in Playboy Mansion in 2008. & # 39;

The public prosecutor finally decided not to lodge a complaint because he believed there was too much reasonable doubt about the date of the alleged attack, which Goins admitted was not sure when he spoke to the authorities. .

On the date she originally said she believed the attack had occurred, investigators could determine that Cosby had visited the entire country in New York.

Goins spoke about the allegations in an interview with in 2016.

& # 39; Bill Cosby sexually abused me in 2008 in the Playboy mansion. I am grateful to the LAPD for conducting an investigation, but I am devastated, & # 39; said the model.

& # 39; It is very difficult for me to come forward and bring this to the police, I have taken a lot of defenses by putting myself out there.

& # 39; But although I am disappointed that there will be no criminal charges, I believe we still have a chance in civil justice. I haven't given up yet. & # 39;