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Big new event “Leviathan Rising” for Battlefield 2042 brings mix of Rush and Capture The Flag


The next event for Battlefield 2042 will probably start soon.

Update from April 6th 5:00 p.m.: In the meantime, the event has been presented in more detail and the article has been adjusted accordingly.

Before Season 5 starts in summer, there will soon be a stopover for Battlefield 2042namely the recently announced Mid Season Event. That bears the name Leviathan Rising and has now been presented in more detail with a trailer. Leviathan Rising starts on April 11th, 2023 and runs exactly 2 weeks until April 25th.

Is Rush finally coming back?

The announcement was made as usual on twitter and seemed to imply that the Rush game mode could return during the event.

In fact, in Leviathan Rising you play a completely new mode that turns out to be a Mixture of Rush and Capture the Flag can be described. The trailer for the event already shows how this works:

Battlefield 2042 shows the brand new game mode Shutdown in the trailer

FYNG CAGGTUS Which co op or multiplayer title should we play.svg


Battlefield 2042 shows the brand new game mode Shutdown in the trailer

In a blog post the mode is explained in more detail. You play here either as a defender or attacker in teams of 8 players:

  • As attacker you have to place a portable device (the so-called lance) in three different target areas and then defend it for as long as possible until it has completed its task (destroying data in the target area). Within the target area you can place the lance in a place of your choice.
  • The defender must do everything possible to defend the target areas. For example, you can take out soldiers carrying the lance, prevent intrusion into the target area, or disable a device that is already deployed.


The lance can be placed anywhere in the target area, depending on which tactic you want to use.

Map of Shutdown

In Shutdown you also move in very limited areas of well-known maps.

  • Each team plays one round as an attacker and one round as a defender. The team that has scored the most points as an attacker wins. To score points, you must keep lances active in target areas for as long as possible.
  • The game is played on smaller versions of a total of four maps, namely Manifest, Kontakt, Stranded, and Flashpoint.

Of course, during the event you can unlock new cosmetic items by playing Shutdown. In the first week there is a skin for Paik, in the second week you earn a skin for Casper. There are also weapons and vehicle skins, as well as weapon trailers.


You can earn a new skin for Paik if you play hard.


The same goes for Casper.

What else is happening at Battlefield?

Last was that Update 4.1 releasedwhich brought new portal weapons and numerous balance adjustments and bug fixes. Among other things, the rather strong armor plate for soldiers has been weakened and now only protects the torso of a soldier.

After the event, Season 5 is scheduled for June, for which only a few details are known so far. It will bring a new map again, but no more specialists.

What do you think of the newly announced event? Would you like a return of the Rush game mode and need a change from Conquest and Breakthrough? Do you maybe even hope that the game mode will then remain permanent? Or is Rush too hectic for you? Write your opinion in the comments!

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