President Joe Biden will receive his updated ‘bivalent’ Covid vaccine tomorrow amid a slow rollout of the new shot.

The 79-year-old president’s planned vaccination — three months after he contracted the virus — was unveiled today at a White House press conference.

He expected to use it to urge others to get the jab after being blamed for slow acceptance of declaring the Covid pandemic ‘over’.

It will be his fifth shot to date, after getting the basics course and two boosters from Pfizer. He also tested positive for Covid in July.

America’s rollout of the updated shot – to protect against BA.5, the current dominant species, and BA.4 – has been repeatedly criticized for its slow pace.

Despite calls for everyone to get vaccinated on Halloween, barely 20 million people — or just 8.5 percent of those eligible for the ride for more than a month — have gotten the shot.

Health leaders are recommending the updated boosters for all children under 5 who have already been fully vaccinated. It comes amid warning signs Covid cases are now rising in 15 states, as are concerns about other respiratory viruses this year.

Pictured above is Biden receiving his second booster shot on March 30 this year, according to official guidelines

The charts above show the number of Covid cases recorded per day in the US. The steady decline now appears to be slowing, amid signs of a rise in 15 states

America currently records about 360 Covid deaths per day. Last year around the same time, the country recorded more than 1,600 per day

White House spokesman Kevin Munoz revealed that the president would receive his vaccinations at a press conference tomorrow.

It’s not clear whether it will be the Pfizer or Moderna version, or if the inoculation will be televised live.

But Mr Munoz said they were aiming to encourage more Americans to take the photos. He said: ‘We need everyone to stand up and get their updated vaccine as soon as possible.’

Biden’s Covid Vaccination and Infection Timeline

President Joe Biden has had four Covid vaccinations so far and also tested positive for the virus once.

Tomorrow he will get the updated ‘bivalent’ booster vaccine live on television – his fifth inoculation.

Below is a timeline of Biden’s vaccinations and when he caught Covid:

December 21, 2020: First dose

January 11, 2021: Second dose

September 20, 2021: First booster

March 30, 2022: Second booster

July 21, 2021: Catches Covid

Nearly four months after his last Covid shot, the president tests positive for the virus.

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He had only mild illness and tested negative five days later after starting a course of Paxlovid to suppress the virus.

But by July 30, he had tested positive again and was suffering from a ‘rebound’ infection.

October 25, 2022: Bivalent boster

Biden is scheduled to get his updated booster shot on this date.

The US has spent more than a billion dollars to secure the updated vaccines for the rollout to the nation.

But adoption was slow after Biden stated the Covid pandemic was now “over” and further helped to alleviate the sense of need. .

He has since reversed the comments and many health leaders, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, rushed to say the pandemic was still ongoing.

Biden is getting the updated booster about three months after testing positive for the virus in July — which is the lag time health chiefs say should be left behind after an infection.

His last shot was on March 30 this year, when he received his second booster shot to boost immunity for the summer.

Biden’s first vaccinations were on December 21, 2020 and January 11, 2021. He also received his first booster on September 20 last year.

Despite getting all the vaccines, Biden tested positive for the disease last July.

He initially had a mild illness and was given antiviral Paxlovid which almost cleared his infection within five days.

But another four days later, he tested positive again for what’s known as a “rebound infection.”

On August 6 of this year, he was again freed from the virus.

The US currently records about 36,400 cases per day on average.

On average, about 367 people die from the virus every 24 hours.

By comparison, last year around the same time, the number was over 1,600 per 24 hours.

But there are concerns that the US is now facing a ‘triplemic’ of Covid, flu and RSV this winter – while other respiratory illnesses return with a ‘vengeance’.

Nations in Europe have already started to see their Covid cases increase, as a warning that the US is about to face an uptick.

The decline in the national count has now stopped, with 15 states recording a rise in infections.

It is feared that ‘scrabble’ variants such as BQ.1 and XBB could cause a spate of infections, as these are the most transferable variants to date.

But there’s no sign that they have a higher risk of serious illness or death than other versions of Omicron.

The updated jabs are expected to provide a level of protection against this as well, by increasing overall immunity levels against Covid.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) director Rochelle Walensky tested positive for the virus this weekend.