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Biden Will Appear on Alabama Ballot After All

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Biden Will Appear on Alabama Ballot After All

president joe biden He will appear on Alabama’s ballot this November, after Gov. Ivey Kay Legislation signed to delay state certification deadline for accommodate your official nomination at the Democratic National Convention.

Wes Allen, Alabama Secretary of State had told the Democrats in April that it “could not certify” the Democratic presidential nomination if the party did not file a nomination certification by Aug. 15, or 82 days before the general election, as required by state law. He The Democratic National Committee is scheduled which will take place in Chicago from August 19 to 22.

The Biden campaign had asked that Allen allow provisional access to the ballots, but the first-term Republican had he told CNN that there was no such thing under state law.

Legislation to delay the certification deadline from 82 to 74 days passed quickly through the Republican-controlled Legislature, and Ivey signed it Thursday. The accommodation means Democrats have avoided what could have been a distracting legal battle over ballot access in a deeply red state.

Alabama lawmakers have also made unique adjustments to presidential formulas in the past. In 2020, they passed a bill to change that year’s deadline so that then-President Donald Trump and then-Vice President Mike Pence could become certified.

Ohio’s secretary of state has issued a similar warning that Biden could miss the state’s deadline to appear on the ballot. The Associated Press reports that there still doesn’t appear to be a state bill for a waiver until this year’s deadline, but neither side has ruled it out.

This article was originally published in MSNBC.com

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