Biden slams GOP for trying to ban sex changes for children in interview with trans TikTok activist

Joe Biden said in an interview with a transgender TikTok star who believes states should not have the power to regulate health care regarding a person transitioning from one gender to another.

The president denounced Republican states that have passed laws that attempt to ban or restrict sex reassignment surgery and menopause treatments — such as hormone blockers — for children who identify as non-binary or transgender.

Biden spoke to a panel of six progressive activists Friday before the presidential forum NowThis News, which aired Sunday. One of the six panelists was TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney, who documents their transition from gay male to trans female.

When asked whether red states should have the right to pass laws limiting access to gender-affirming treatment, Biden said, “I don’t think any state or anyone should have the right to do that.”

“As a moral question and as a legal question, I just think it’s wrong,” the president added.

President Joe Biden said during a panel discussion on NowThis News that he does not believe states should have the right to regulate gender-affirming surgeries or treatments.

TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney, who documents the transition from male to female in the app, was one of six progressive panelists who spoke with Biden on Friday. The segment aired on Sunday

“Sometimes they try to prevent you from accessing certain drugs, accessing certain procedures, and so on,” he continued, citing Republican-led state bills that prevented doctors from performing such treatments, especially when it comes to minors. .

“I mean, I don’t think any state should be able to do that. So I think very, very strongly that you should have every single right, including using your gender identity bathrooms in public.”

Alabama, Arkansas, Texas and Arizona all passed laws or policies earlier this year limiting young people’s access to sex reassignment treatments, care and surgery. In some cases, these laws impose sanctions on adults who facilitate access to this care.

Mulvaney began transitioning to a woman earlier this year.

‘It’s day 222 I’m a girl. I’m in Washington DC and I’m going to the White House to talk to the President of the United States,” Mulvaney told a TikTok from a hotel room, wearing a shirt that read, “Don’t mess with trans kids.”

‘It’s day 222 I’m a girl. I’m in Washington DC and I’m going to the White House to speak to the President of the United States,” Mulvaney told a TikTok from a hotel room.

“You know that sentence, ‘I think I girlbossed too close to the sun?’ Well, that’s how I feel today,” Mulvaney continued. “Because I get to sit down with Joe Biden and NowThis News, and I get to ask him a few questions about trans issues in the United States and talk to him about my transgenderness, and I just want my community to be the best I can.” represent I can.’

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GOP lawmakers pushing for legislation that would regulate gender-affirming surgeries and treatments argue they are dangerous and can cause irreversible changes in younger patients.

Most legislation in red states is aimed at minors, not adults.

“I think it’s very important that we continue to speak out about the fundamental fundamental rights of all people,” Biden said later in his conversation with Mulvaney.

“And the idea that what’s going on in some states I don’t want to get involved in, but in some states it’s just outrageous and I think it’s immoral,” the president added. “The trans part is not immoral, what they are trying to do to trans people is immoral.”

Mulvaney has sparked backlash against Ulta Beauty after her appearance on a podcast where she talked about ‘all things girls’

The trans influencer, who has lived as a woman for less than a year, has been accused of “womanface” by some feminists, who claim she plays the roles of womanhood she likes while ignoring the misogyny women face. on a daily basis. Mulvaney (right) was interviewed by genderfluid hairdresser to the stars, David Lopez (left) on Ulta’s podcast

Mulvaney documents “firsts” as a woman in a series called “days of girlhood” on TikTok, where her account has racked up more than 8.3 million followers.

Upon arriving at the White House on Friday, Mulvaney also documented the day on TikTok.

Mulvaney recently faced controversy after many called for a boycott of Ulta Beauty, who featured her on their podcast “The Beauty of…” on October 13.

The influencer, who has been living as a woman for less than a year, has been accused of “womanface” by some feminists, who claim she plays the part of being a woman she likes while ignoring the misogyny with which women are at one point. faced. daily.

As of this summer, 15 states have introduced at least two dozen bills that would impose some sort of restrictions on “gender-affirming” surgeries or treatments. according to a Freedom for All Americans tracker.

Provisions in some of the proposed legislation include, but are not limited to, criminalizing healthcare professionals who provide transgender treatment to minors, punishing parents who help young people access this care, and limiting insurance coverage of gender affirming services.

In some cases, language would classify allowing or assisting a child in receiving treatment to permanently alter sex characteristics as child abuse.

An important initiative of the GOP is to ensure that no public money is used for such services.


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