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Biden Falls Off Bike During Visit to Rehoboth Beach

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. – President Biden fell from his bicycle on Saturday while trying to dismount in front of a small crowd of reporters and spectators.

The president said his foot had become entangled in a toe clip, causing him to tip over after coming to a stop. He quickly recovered and got up, saying “I’m fine” before answering a handful of questions from reporters.

Mr Biden, 79, often goes on bike rides during visits to his Rehoboth Beach vacation home where he spent the weekend. On Friday, he and the first lady, Jill Biden, celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary.

The president was riding his bicycle in Cape Henlopen State Park when he had the accident. He appeared to have suffered no injuries and the White House said he did not require medical attention.

After answering questions about tariffs on Chinese goods and gun laws, he got back on his bike and finished the ride.

Mr. Biden is only the latest US president to fall on the public stage. In 1975, President Gerald R. Ford fell while descending the stairs of Air Force One during a visit to Austria. Nearly a decade later, President Ronald Reagan slipped as he climbs aboard his plane† And Mr. Biden himself stumbled last year when he boarded the presidential plane.

Mr Biden’s accident on wheels was also not without precedent. In 2004, President George W. Bush took a spill while mountain biking at his ranch in Crawford, Texas. And in 2015, John F. Kerry, then Secretary of State, broke his leg while cycling in the French Alps.

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