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Biden confuses Oregon story in speech to wealthy donors

Joe Biden is confused AGAIN when he mixes up the story about which part of Oregon voted to secede vs. wealthy donors who just gave $1 million

  • Biden made a verbal mistake at a fancy fundraiser
  • He mixed up a story about Oregon in front of 65 wealthy donors
  • They had just given $1 million to the Democratic Party

President Joe Biden was confused and confused again Tuesday night when he spoke to a group of wealthy Democratic donors and botched a story on Oregon.

Biden, 80, said he was watching TV on Air Force One on the flight to Las Vegas when he saw a report about a part of Oregon separating from Idaho.

But he mistook the part of the state where it is held.

I got here on Air Force One. I’m watching and you’ve got Western Oregon deciding they’re going to break off and become part of Idaho,” he said.

‘What the hell is going on?’

‘Idaho is a beautiful state, but no, I’m serious. In fact, they have moved a lot. They have passed resolutions in the state to do that,’ he said as the audience laughed at him.

President Joe Biden and his granddaughter Natalie arrive in Las Vegas Tuesday night

The news report played on CNN as Biden traveled from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, the last stop on his three-day West Coast tour.

But it’s actually Eastern Oregon that voted to secession.

Biden’s mistake occurred at an elegant private home in one of the most private and wealthy neighborhoods in Las Vegas.

The president addressed some 65 attendees at a fundraiser that raised more than $1 million for the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Grassroots Victory Fund.

The fundraiser was closed to cameras, but press reporters were allowed inside to take notes.

It is not the first time that Biden, who struggled with a stutter as a child, has made a verbal mistake. He often refers to his vice president Kamala Harris as president. In September, he called Representative Jackie Walorski at an event, when she had been killed in a car accident the previous month.

Some Democrats have privately expressed concern about Biden’s health. He would be 82 if he runs for and wins a second term in the White House.

Last month he had his annual physical where his doctor declared him healthy and fit to be president.

Biden, on Tuesday, was referring to a measure by the Idaho House of Representatives that passed a non-binding resolution calling for formal talks between the Idaho and Oregon legislatures to discuss moving some rural Oregon counties to Idaho.

President Joe Biden botched a story in front of wealthy Democratic donors

President Joe Biden botched a story in front of wealthy Democratic donors

The bill is also before the Oregon state legislature.

The proposal comes from the Greater Idaho movement, which seeks to include about 13 counties, or 63% of Oregon’s land mass, within Idaho’s borders.

Of the thirteen counties on the proposal, eleven have so far voted to advance discussions on the prospect, and proponents are optimistic they will continue to gain ground.

Supporters of the proposition believe that eastern Oregon is more politically and culturally aligned with Idaho than with the larger progressive Oregon cities in the western part of the state.

“People in eastern Oregon have felt that their state government hasn’t listened to them, hasn’t paid attention to our concerns and hasn’t been working for eastern Oregon,” a spokesman for the Greater Oregon Movement told Fox News. Idaho, Matt McCaw, last month.

Such a measure would require approval by the Idaho Legislature, the Oregon Legislature, and Congress.

It would also likely require multiple amendments to the Idaho Constitution and the Oregon constitution.