Biden & # 39; s first campaign ad attacks Trump and plays a two-digit lead over Democrats

Joe Biden & # 39; s first campaign ad attacks Donald Trump as & # 39; whimsical, vicious, bullying president & # 39 ;, as new poll shows former vice president with double-digit lead in the democratic field


Joe Biden & # 39; s first campaign ad of the 2020 presidential race, released on Monday, takes an attack on the record of the former vice president in the race and plays his eligibility against Donald Trump.

The advertisement contains direct images of the former vice-president working with Barack Obama and other African-Americans, including a young black man he comforts, and doubles Biden's promise to protect the Affordable Care Act.

& # 39; Above all, he will restore the soul of the nation, battered by an erratic, vicious, bulling president, strong, stable, stable leadership: Biden. President, & # 39; explains the minute spot that is broadcast online and Iowa.


The release comes the same morning that a CNN survey showed that Biden resumed his double-digit lead over the overcrowded Democratic field with a few other outbreak candidates.

The research indicates that a host of attacks on Biden in two primary debates have not caused any lasting damage. He again leads the field with the support of 29 percent of Democrats and left-leaning independents who are registered to vote.

His next closest competitors are Bernie Sanders, 15 percent, and Elizabeth Warren, 14 percent. All other candidates such as Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg fell back in the single figures.

Biden claimed during a swing in Iowa this month that & # 39; I am not looking at any of the polls & # 39; six months after the first games.

& # 39; I know the polls bring me forward with 10 or 12 points for the next person, but it's early, it's really early & # 39 ;, he told reporters the day before at the Iowa State Fair.


At the time, the leader sputtered after a double-sided attack at Harris and Booker's latest debate with intermittent talk from candidates at the edge of the stage such as Bill de Blasio, who warned him of his confrontation with Trump would be even more challenging.

Bouyed by new polls indicating that voters flirting with Harris have returned to Biden & # 39; s column, his ad reminds Democratic voters that the former vice president is considered to be the candidate with the best chance of beating Trump.

& # 39; We must defeat Donald Trump. And all polls agree that Joe Biden is the strongest democrat. & # 39;

Biden & # 39; s advertisement connects him to other & # 39; s issues that vote well with voters, including his service in the Obama administration.


In two frames he speaks to Obama in tight shots in what appears to be the Situation Room. Two others mention the Affordable Care Act and Obamacare and Biden & # 39; s desire to maintain the & # 39; s programs that defended the country's first black president.

The place is also full of images of Biden working with African-Americans, as opposed to claims that he was too kind to segregationists in the Senate and blocked legislation that would have lifted blacks before joining Obama's ticket.

Trump campaign leader Brad Parscale focused on the Obama connection in a tweet that responded to the ad on Tuesday morning.

& # 39; It took @JoeBiden just 15 seconds for him to mention former President Obama in his new campaign ad, & # 39; he tweeted. & # 39; Obama couldn't save Crooked Hillary and he won't save Sleepy Joe. & # 39;


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