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“Biathlon veteran makes surprising confession”


Simon Eder has been part of the Biathlon World Cup inventory for almost two decades. Five World Cup medals and two Olympic medals adorn his CV. Quite surprisingly, however, the Austrian’s knees go weak when he privately takes up the gun.

Eder made the confession in an interview with the daily newspaper “Kurier”. In this, Eder reported on a trip with his little daughter to the Vienna Prater and the amusement park there.

“I’m a bit afraid of the shooting galleries, because as a left-handed shooter I can’t hit anything there. The guns aren’t matched,” Eder said of his dilemma.

That’s why he couldn’t shoot his daughter any stuffed animals, only buy them, the 40-year-old said with a wink.

With a view to the upcoming biathlon season, Eder was ambitious in the conversation, despite his curious aversion to shooting galleries.

“Motivation increases because you know that it will really be over at some point. Now I enjoy it all the more and push it to the limit as long as it suits me. And my family has my back, that’s important,” says Eder, who only a few days ago had swept all rumors of his resignation off the table and announced the continuation of his career.

Biathlon: Season without a podium was “disappointing” for Simon Eder

Over the summer, the veteran is preparing for the winter of 2023/2024, only briefly interrupted by a family vacation in July.

“Everyone knows the weaker self. I go through the training without thinking too much. I like being an athlete. And after every session I still have a good feeling,” said Eder.

For what will probably be his last year as a competitive athlete, the best Austrian of the pre-season has set himself some new goals. “Last year I didn’t get on the podium, that was disappointing,” Eder looks back.

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