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Biathlon stars deliver insane competition – WhatsNew2Day


The biathlon season ended a few weeks ago. Many stars use their free time for relaxation or vacation. However, two Swedes fought an unusual duel.

The two Swedish biathlon stars Sebastian Samuelsson and Jesper Nelin posted a crazy video on Instagram on Tuesday morning.

Samuelsson is disguised as Harry Potter and Nelin as Lord Voldemort, the wizard’s apprentice’s greatest enemy. The two duel with their magic wands in the video. An animation even makes colorful lightning bolts fly through the video.

In addition, Samuelsson and Nelin wrote: “AVADA KEDAVRA!”. A spell used to kill your opponent.

Harry Potter Marathon for Samuelsson and Nelin

The fact that the two are big fans of the novel by JK Rowling and the film adaptation also emerged from the Instagram stories of Samuelsson and Nelin.

The Swedes watched all eight films in a row. “Four movies seen, four left,” wrote Samuelsson, dressed as Harry Potter. “The last film is now being shot,” wrote Nelin about a short video that shows his buddy doing “magic”.

Samuelsson convinces at the Biathlon World Championships in Oberhof

Samuelsson had won gold in the mass start and three other bronze medals at the World Championships in Oberhof in February and March. The 26-year-old did not win a World Cup this season. The 2018 relay Olympic champion had to end the season prematurely because of a corona infection.

Nelin shared bronze with Samuelsson in the relay in Oberhof. The 30-year-old only made it onto the World Cup podium this season with the relay anyway. He celebrated his greatest sporting success in 2018 when he won gold with the Swedish relay again together with Samuelsson at the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang.

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