Home Money Beware fixed-rate savings trap… and secrets from an Isa millionaire: This is Money podcast

Beware fixed-rate savings trap… and secrets from an Isa millionaire: This is Money podcast

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Beware fixed-rate savings trap… and secrets from an Isa millionaire: This is Money podcast



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There’s a warning to savers whose futures contracts are coming to an end: don’t turn your attention now or you risk having your returns wiped out in just a few months.

A year ago, there was a wave of savers opting for fixed-rate bonds as they improved dramatically. But if you don’t do anything, chances are it will change at a terrible pace.

In this week’s This is Money podcast, Helen Crane, Lee Boyce and Georgie Frost talk savings, just as we head into a new financial year.

NS&I also reveals the interest rate of the new British savings bond in the field of savings: is it worth it? And an Isa millionaire reveals all about how he built up a seven-figure pot to This is Money.

Helen tackles another reader problem: this time it concerns an unwanted and unnecessary SIM card that costs a pensioner a few hundred euros.

And on the utilities front, Lee reveals how Ofcom saved him from a 75 per cent rise in his monthly broadband costs, and why you should check if your mobile phone is out of contract.

The number of mortgage applications has increased, but house prices have fallen. What is happening?

Meanwhile, research shows that a record third of all homes are being bought by first-time buyers – and they make up 89 per cent of buyers in a Berkshire town.

Finally, entrepreneur Tim Armoo ​​is in charge of five money-making fads doing the rounds on social media – are they worth it?

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