Although Black Friday won’t be here for a couple of days, cybercriminals aren’t holding back from trying to take advantage of the upcoming shopping spree.

Bitdefender cybersecurity researchers have carried out a wide range of recent analyzes and found numerous scams that try to take advantage of unsuspecting buyers.

The most popular method appears to be a phishing campaign that lures people in with deep discounts on designer handbags and sunglasses, then steals (opens in a new tab)

your credit card information, when victims submit this information on specially designed landing pages.

Fake surveys, fake sunglasses

In addition to fake Louis Vuitton handbags, victims are also lured with fake Amazon and Home Depot gift cards, worth up to $1,000, as well as fake surveys that promise people big rewards, like Pixel phones and smartphones. Samsung Galaxy S21. In some cases, researchers have also detected fake PayPal coupons.

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With coupons and surveys, victims are invited to complete the task, and then if they win the prize (and they always do, regardless of answers), all they have to do is pay the shipping cost, which they claim. the scammers. be around $5.

To make this payment, they must also provide all credit card information, including expiration date and CVV number. Therefore, the victims will not only make a small donation to the scammers out of ignorance, but they will also have given them access to their accounts, which they can then delete.

As with any other holiday, Black Friday is a major event for scammers, and Bitdefender researchers urge customers to be very careful when looking for great deals.

“Don’t be fooled by impressive discounts that sound too good to be true,” they say. Even if you receive an offer that seems absolutely legitimate, do not click on the provided link, but visit the page directly to ensure that you are not redirected to a malicious landing page.