Betting Guide: Attend the Races with More Than Dumb Luck


Yes, betting and gambling is a game of chance and so luck is a factor, but it would be unwise to put down your hard-earned money on a bet without giving yourself a better chance. If your heading to the races or plan on watching it from the comfort of your home, placing your bets to see a return will require more than just wearing your lucky pair of socks or the rub of a rabbit’s foot. Here is a guide on how to really maximise your likelihood of coming out a winner when you are putting down a wager on a horse race.


Placing a bet is all about getting involved in the event and involving yourself in the outcome, but it is also about giving yourself the chance to win some serious money, but that shouldn’t mean risking your financial stability to do so, therefore it’s important to set boundaries for yourself before playing to avoid getting carried away. 

Simple giving yourself a sum of money each week or month that you are happy to lose to a bet will prevent you from losing track of money and spending beyond your means. Another tip that comes hand in hand with making a budget is to away use your own money and avoid borrowing for betting as it can cause you to become out of control of your expenses which can then easily overwhelm you. Keep having fun by being smart and organised.

Shop Around 

Betting has boomed and become a massive industry that generates an unthinkable amount of money each year and this has led to bookies and betting sites being readily available at any time, anywhere. This does benefit you as a bettor as they sites entice you with different money-saving options such as Betfair offers, cashouts and free bets – to name just a few – you can shop around and find the best one for your needs. 


Don’t go into the races blind, do your research. Reading up on the racers previous wins or performances can give you the inside scoop on the outcome. Although choosing a horse on instinct or liking the colour of the jockey’s shirt can be light-hearted and fun, if you want to win some real money then you need some background history. Betting sites offer access to previous racing results to give you some information on the horses you want to put your money on. 

Know the Lingo 

Even for avid horse racing fans, the betting lingo can be confusing as there are many different ways to place down your money and it’s wise to know what they mean. Some are simple, such as the single bet which means that you choose a horse you think will win and then see a return based on the odds if they do indeed win the race, but others are more technical and complexed. A Trifecta bet means that you pick three horses and if they place 1st, 2nd and 3rd as you predicted then you win, or you can do the same but with a 4th place which is a Superfecta bet. These bets although the overall idea is simple are riskier and so it is wise to know what they mean before betting your money as all ¾ horses need to places as you assumed in order for you to see a return.