Bethesda will remove the online login requirements from Doom re-releases

Bethesda says it will get rid of the strange requirement that players must log into an online account before they get the newly re-released versions of fate, Doom IIand Doom 3, which went live yesterday. Players quickly criticized Bethesda for the seemingly ridiculous limitation – the first of these games was released more than 25 years ago, at a time when there was clearly no internet requirement.


The online login will be made optional in an upcoming update, Bethesda said today. The publisher said the requirement that players signed with his BethesdaNet service was included to allow players to participate in a program that allowed them to unlock items in Doom Eternal, a game that is not yet out. Bethesda now says that the login must be "optional".

No timeline was given when the requirement would be removed. Bethesda says it will "update everyone when a fix is ​​ready".

Game publishers have a long history of frustrating players with Digital Rights Management (DRM) limitations in an effort to protect games against piracy. These limitations have often gone too far, preventing players from transferring games between devices in a reasonable manner or even closing off access when the internet fails. The addition of a login requirement to BethesdaNet seemed to act as another form of DRM, whether intentional or not. It is clear that Bethesda received the message that it went a bit too far to adapt tens of years old games.

The fate re-releases are now available for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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