Best WhatsApp Alternatives

Whatsapp Alternatives

Whatsapp, which is one of the most used chatting platforms in the world, was initially released in 2009. It provided its users with the facility of text messages and voice messages, now after 11 years of its release it has improved its facilities at a faster pace. It facilitates its users by Whatsapp calls; video calls, sending documents, and links. With every update of the app, it has never missed a chance to improve as it now allows its members to put up stories or statuses through which they can specify their whereabouts and also tell more about their personal lives.

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Although, with the fast-emerging popularity of WhatsApp over the years, there are several other apps that came into existence and have been successful in facilitating the users too.

One of the apps which serve many purposes that should be the best WhatsApp alternative is the Telegram app.


Telegram is an online messaging app, initially released in 2013, that allows its users to text and call their friends just like WhatsApp or Facebook. Telegram provides faster messaging than any other application and more security of messages and information as they have optional end-to-end encryption. It is a cloud-based instant messaging and voice over IP service, it is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phones, etc.


Many people might think if they already have a messaging app that works fine with them, what is even the point of considering the other one?

Although telegram’s functionality is the same as other apps, there are several pros to it that make it the best WhatsApp alternative.

So, below mentioned are the advantages of using the Telegram app rather than any other messaging app:

  • Unlimited texting and data storage:

Telegram provides the user with unlimited storage and texting which means that all your text messages, data files, and documents are safe regardless of how many times you logout and login back to the app. You can still get access to your information without worrying about certain backups.

  • A number of group members:

A normal telegram group has a capacity of 200 members, when this is reached it transforms to a 5000 limit which also keeps exceeding if the group gains popularity.

This way you can reach out to as many people and gather information about anything and everything.

  • Secret Chat:

It is a type of end-to-end encrypted chat that has a self-destruct timer and all the messages are deleted once that time is reached. There is probably no way to hack the secret chat feature of telegram.

  • Sharing of multimedia:

This is the most special feature of this best WhatsApp alternative, Telegram helps its users to share various images, videos, links to best movies, web series, etc without revealing the contact number of the group members. People can join the groups by just typing their interested shows and further download them without any issue.

  • Multiple sessions:

Users of telegram can log in on multiple devices at the same time and able to receive messages on all devices.

They can remember their sessions on browsers too.


Everything has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages but the one which outweighs more is in fact considered the best one overall. So, even our best WhatsApp alternative also has some negative points.

We will now look at the disadvantages of the telegram:

  • Video Calling:

You can’t make video calls on Telegram messenger, which many competing messaging services support. It can’t group video calls like WhatsApp, Skype, and Facebook Messenger can.

  • Encryption:

Only the secret chat seems to be encrypted and not the one that is sent from a regular number. But this does not mean that anyone can access your personal chats, it has its own protocol.

  • The issue in sending files:

It is not possible to send more than one file at a time after selected them, so all you can do is keep selecting them one by one and sending them.

So, as we saw the advantages of the app outshine the disadvantages which makes it the perfect candidate for the best WhatsApp alternative. There is nothing you will miss out on the app but surely be able to get access to more facilities of the internet on a particular app.


Here is a link provided by clicking on which you can easily install the telegram app through the play store and get access to its available advantages:


Whatsapp being hyped up over the years, other apps did not get a chance to stand out, because we as normal human beings face difficulties in just to get out of our comfort zones. But some other apps demand a lot more appreciation too which provides the users with better provisions.

The best WhatsApp alternative in 2020 should be the telegram app, it is a messaging app which focuses on speed and security. It was released in 2013 and now has 400 million users which are no less! Having its own advantages it has never disappointed its users but succeeded in having a market of its own. This best WhatsApp alternative is fast, synced, secured, powerful, reliable, and fun.

It is surely worth the people’s attention and an increment in its usage. For utmost privacy, it also provides users with a secret chat. Gradually, day by day the app is proving to extend its boundaries and many people are getting to know of it. It will, one day, surely be a tough competition for all the messaging service platforms as it is improving now and will emerge when it gets better and the best for all.